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Going to a Professional Football Game


Author: Elias Massey

I am a football addict. I will admit it. Everyone has there vice, and mine just so happens to be professional football. Going to professional football games is something I spend the rest of the calendar year saving money for. The goal is to go to a game every other week, if possible, and almost every year I succeed in doing so. I am one of those annoying fans you probably don't want to be next to every game. I don the face and body paint of my team colors, drink tons of beer and scream at every single play with all my closest buddies in tow. I often wonder if it wasn't for the professional football season if we would even be buddies at all, but I digress. On the weeks where we can't make it out to the game everyone usually piles into my living room to watch it on my www.directstartv.com/directv_equipment/directv_dvr/directv_dvr_tips_and_tricks.html. Luckily I have a bachelor pad, so this doesn't annoy anyone, I don't know what I'm going to do when the day comes that I get married. Hopefully she will be a die hard fan as much as I am, or else I fear it may not work. Either way I love my football, and every week I count the days until Sunday comes around again for my personal day.


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