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Rugby is Fun to Play


Guest post written by Curtis Hayden

Rugby is a modern game. It provides you with the utmost pleasure and enjoyment. Just like cricket or other games, there are some rules and regulations that have to be followed by the players.

Normally there are two major groups in any rugby team. These groups are known as the forward and back groups. Rugby is a tough game, and it can be dangerous as well because it is played violently all over the field. Rugby is actually a game of skill and power. You need to show good athleticism in order to be a good rugby player.

The duration of each rugby match is approximately 80 minutes, and you have to run continuously for 80 minutes. This means that it is a game of stamina. If you have good running stamina, then your prospects are bright for this game in the future.

Ruby is more about valor, strength and endurance than anything else. If you want to be a good rugby player, then you need to work out on your endurance level. You have to accept the challenge bravely, and you have to build your back up strong, so that it can be ready to take up the the pressure of so many strong men during the game. Rugby is really my love and passion and I love to watch it on my satellite TV, which I got from expertsatellite.com. You can also enjoy it in your home with your friends and favorite folks.


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