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Our NC Home


*** Adelle Woods

My husband Mark and I have lived in our little old house in North Carolina for years. When we bought the house many years ago, it was pretty new and in fantastic condition. When it came to maintenance, we really didn't have to do a whole lot. We had a few issues here and there, but for many years, everything was in great condition. Just recently, we've noticed that our kitchen could really use a little revamping. It's not in awful condition, but we definitely feel as though it's time for an upgrade. We really want to do some remodeling to give our home a fresh look, both for ourselves and our guests.

I wanted to help Mark and went to www.homeproimprovement.com to see what Sears has to offer. Mark is a good handyman, but I know he could really use some help sometimes. I think we're also wanting to completely remodel everything from appliances to countertops and cabinets, so we will have to really look into our options. I'm starting to think this is the right way for us to go.


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