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Tampa Bay Buccaneers Rebuilding For The Future


Written by Fermin Washington

Tampa Bay Buccaneers and their fans have had some rough times, but they continue to stay optimistic about them and so do I. The Buccaneers had one of the longest losing streaks in NFL history when they first started out, but that changed over the years. For a number of years the Buccaneers became respectable and won a Super Bowl against the Oakland Raiders. It was dubbed the Jon Gruden Bowl as the coach went from coaching the Raiders to the Buccaneers. Over the years, Tampa Bay has had some notable players as well. Lee Roy Selmon, Derrick Brooks, John Lynch, and Warren Sapp are just some of the names that people recognize.

Fast-forward to today and you see a Buccaneer team that is struggling. Josh Freeman is the starting quarterback and is having a tough time adjusting to the NFL game. The defense is also struggling and the Buccaneers look like they did when they first appeared in the league a team with no direction and inferior players that are just are not able to compete. Watching the Buccaneers on my satellite tv deal in North Carolina helps me and Buc fans keep up on their progress. Success may not come as quickly as we would like, but we still love our Buccaneers and will stand by them. We just wish they would win more games or at least be more competitive.


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