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Kung Fu Panda Is Legendary


Guest post written by Taylor Kilner

In Kung Fu Panda, Po the main character says that his story will be legendary. And according to our family, he was right! Kung Fu Panda with Jack Black has quickly become our favorite family movie for so many reasons.

Po is a panda that work for his father in the family noodle shop. But Po dreams of being a great Kung Fu warrior like his heroes the Fabulous Five. When the new Dragon Warrior is selected to lead the Fabulous Five, Po meets his fate when he is miraculously selected! The story of Po overcoming all kinds of challenges and obstacles as he struggles to live up to his new calling is a great story on many levels. Not only for children, but every one including adults can benefit from the lessons on determination, character and the importance of team work and brotherhood. Eventually Po conquers his fears and inabilities and defeats Tai Lung, the Kung Fu expert turned evil and portrayed by a leopard.

Jack Black is one of my favorite actors and his performance as Po the panda has to be my favorite to date. Dustin Hoffman voices his master Shifu and the Fabulous Five include the talents of Angelina Jolie, Seth Rogan, Jackie Chan, Lucy Liu and David Cross. Ian McShane's classic voice brings evil Tai Lung to life. While my kids see this as a great action adventure show they watch on direct tv, I see it as an excellent tale of triumph in the face of adversity that most adults will appreciate as well.


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