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Our NC Home


*** Adelle Woods

My husband Mark and I have lived in our little old house in North Carolina for years. When we bought the house many years ago, it was pretty new and in fantastic condition. When it came to maintenance, we really didn't have to do a whole lot. We had a few issues here and there, but for many years, everything was in great condition. Just recently, we've noticed that our kitchen could really use a little revamping. It's not in awful condition, but we definitely feel as though it's time for an upgrade. We really want to do some remodeling to give our home a fresh look, both for ourselves and our guests.

I wanted to help Mark and went to www.homeproimprovement.com to see what Sears has to offer. Mark is a good handyman, but I know he could really use some help sometimes. I think we're also wanting to completely remodel everything from appliances to countertops and cabinets, so we will have to really look into our options. I'm starting to think this is the right way for us to go.

For Something Different Watch SYFY


Posting by Robert Kelachin

One of the strangest shows on television has to be the Dr. Who show. Nothing g he does makes sense, there is no hidden message, nothing but campy acting and pure fun. The show usually starts with the TARDIS landing somewhere, either on Earth in some time period unknown or on a planet or even space ship in space. Rarely is the Doctor sure of just where or when he is, and he has a bad habit of picking up strays to be his companions.

Another favorite is Star Gate Universe. I have watched as many of the original Star Gate series as I could before we were able to get direct tv Texas. Broadcast rarely carries all the shows I like and getting cable is some areas is almost impossible.

The Syfy channel gives a wide range of entertainment in a wide range of shows. Are you a dino nut? Watch Primeval. The show that has modern day people tracking down dino's that have entered the world through time warps and trying to save to future from certain ruin.

Is monster's and myths more to your liking? Then you want to watch Sanctuary. A show about the hidden world of monsters that live among us, the abnormals.

Space opera more to your liking? Then try Caprica or Battlestar Galactica. One thing I can promise, when you watch the SYFY channel you will not be getting the same old some old, but some new and fun to watch.

Green Bay Packers headed to Superbowl this year


The article written by Landon Gilbert

Professional Football games are so much to watch on tv from bestchoicetv.com especially here in Wisconsin. Our team the Green Bay Packers started out the new season with 2 wins and 0 losses. It is being said that they will be heading on to the Super Bowl this year. That is super exciting news for me.

I love our quarterback Arron Rodgers he throws right on the money and hardly ever gets sacked. He replaced former quarterback Bret Favre. Some other good players on our team are of course Donald Driver, and Jermichael Finley. They are both awesome receivers for our team.

We also have a really great coach that has been with us for several years now. I personally think that Mike McCarthy will take the packers to the super bowl this year. Another great player on our team is linebacker Clay Matthews he sacked Buffalo Bills quarterback Trent Edwards three times last Sunday which gives him six sacks for this season already. The Green Bay Packers also forced two interceptions and won the game easily by a whopping 34-7.

Gamers Hall On Home Security Team


Summer is the best time for families to travel or go out and play.  Of course homes are often left behind without anybody around thus making it prone to intruders.  This doesn't mean a homeowner should be compromised not leaving for some break just to make sure the house will be safe.  All that's needed is a homesecurityteam to guard and make sure the house will be intruder free. For those of you who might not have the privilege of trusting your place to someone you know who may watch your place for free or for a fee there are alternatives, some are passive and some are through the use of technology. Fortunately for us, we live in a world where things may be automated to improve our way of life. This also applies to our security.

It's important to keep the blinds shut while away from home.  This way others can't see through inside the place making it less inviting to onlookers.  Keeping the gates locked , doors and all windows is a must too.  Make sure all appliances are unplug so as the heater.  Mails should also be put on hold in the post office so that the mailbox won't overflow with mails.  Having a very full mailbox could mean nobody's around to gather it all and further revealing that the house has been abandoned.  All these reminders and guides are similar to the police security tips from Fort Worth, PD.  Better safe than sorry.

Getting Ready for Some Football!


Guest post written by Jan Landers

This upcoming Sunday is the Super Bowl and I can't tell you just how excited my husband and I are. We are big football nuts, and we've been following the two fortunate teams throughout the entire season. The Super Bowl is such an incredible spectacle that has pretty much become a national holiday, and my husband and I really treat it as such. We have already started to buy some decorations and items for our big Super Bowl party that we are hosting. After purchasing some new Miracle Ear hearing aids, we went to the store and started to buy a bunch of food for this Sunday. We know a few other couples who are our close friends, and we plan on having them over for a smaller Super Bowl celebration. We thought about holding a really large event, but decided that it would be a good moment to catch up with our few friends.
We are really looking forward to watching the big game and having the opportunity to entertain some of our long-term friends. We've always loved Super Bowl Sunday, and expect some great things to be in store.

Dealing the cards


Guest post written by Henry Tilley

If there's one thing that a card dealer needs to be is a good listener. I've been a dealer in a big Las Vegas casino for a few years now and enjoy it pretty well. The work hours are really flexible because people will gamble all day every day in this city if they can, so the job has its perks. Plus, even though you're not really supposed to make conversation with the people playing cards it's fun to listen to their conversations and hear about where they're from when they talk to the other players about it.

But lately I've really been struggling to hear what people are saying. Luckily I hadn't accidentally dealt anyone more cards or anything when they didn't want it but I was worried that was going happen soon so I looked up some stuff on miracle ear cost a couple of weeks ago. I had thought about it long and hard and finally decided to go to miracle-ear and I'm really glad that I did.

I feel more confident in my job again and I can concentrate on doing a good job and being fair to everyone instead of worrying about mishearing the players.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers Rebuilding For The Future


Written by Fermin Washington

Tampa Bay Buccaneers and their fans have had some rough times, but they continue to stay optimistic about them and so do I. The Buccaneers had one of the longest losing streaks in NFL history when they first started out, but that changed over the years. For a number of years the Buccaneers became respectable and won a Super Bowl against the Oakland Raiders. It was dubbed the Jon Gruden Bowl as the coach went from coaching the Raiders to the Buccaneers. Over the years, Tampa Bay has had some notable players as well. Lee Roy Selmon, Derrick Brooks, John Lynch, and Warren Sapp are just some of the names that people recognize.

Fast-forward to today and you see a Buccaneer team that is struggling. Josh Freeman is the starting quarterback and is having a tough time adjusting to the NFL game. The defense is also struggling and the Buccaneers look like they did when they first appeared in the league a team with no direction and inferior players that are just are not able to compete. Watching the Buccaneers on my satellite tv deal in North Carolina helps me and Buc fans keep up on their progress. Success may not come as quickly as we would like, but we still love our Buccaneers and will stand by them. We just wish they would win more games or at least be more competitive.

Gamers Hall On Blue Sky Scrubs


Blue Sky Scrubs is definitely the place to visit for anyone in search of nursing uniforms and accessories. They have all sorts of medical apparel and unique items. They even have a great section on soft shell jackets available in several colors such as black, chocolate, scarlet and many more. Here you can find lab coats such as the bradford twill lab coat or the preston twill lab coat.

You may also find custom made scrubs for those of you searching for something that differs from the rest. Aside from having a great selection on nurses scrub uniforms, those of you wanting to add a special highlight to your uniform may want to visit their section on earrings and lanyards collection made from stones, water pearls and sterling silver hardware. The detail and quality of their accessories look outstanding. Happy shopping.

Family Television Night: The Office


Thanks for the post from Stan Atkins

It is funny how The Office can be watched by people of all ages. My kids have no idea how the corporate world works, yet they love this program! My family tries to bond around the television every week when "The Office" features a new episode. "The Office" is one of the most hilarious on programs that always features new twists and turns in its plot.

My family loves watching this program on DirectTv. We love keeping up with the plot that is always going on between all of the characters on the show. For example, the romantic relationship of Jim and Pam had my family guessing for ages. My kids were basically counting down the episodes until Jim finally proposed to Pam! Now, my kids seem to be caught up in all of the relationships amongst all of the characters. For example, they even care about what goes on between Dwight and Angela. These dynamic characters have become characters that are well known and beloved by my family. Without these characters, I can honestly say there would be less laughter in our home! These characters bring joy and excitement to our family on a daily basis.

Watching "The Office" is a great hobby for families with a desire for smart humor. This show is not dumbed down for kids, yet kids can easily get in on it and understand it.

Detroit Red Wings Detroit's Favorite Team


Thanks for the post from Noble Schultz

For the longest time I did not understand what was so special about Detroit Red Wings hockey. I use to travel to Detroit on a daily basis and Hockey was all the city would talk about even in the summer. Once I attended a Detroit Red Wings game my opinion quickly changed. There is a bond between the fans and the players that is hard to ignore. Over the years the Red Wings won many Stanley Cup Titles and Detroit was called Title Town because of the Championships.

What makes Detroit Red Wing hockey stand above all other hockey I think is the tradition you feel when you attend a game. They have had great players for a number of years now and that traditional continues this year as well. On the All-Star ballot the Red Wings have Pavel Datsyuk, Johan Franzen and Henrik Zetterberg, and defensemen Nicklas Lidstrom and Brian Rafalski. As you can see the Red Wings continue to have some of the best players in the National Hockey League. I have adopted the Red Wings as my favorite team even though I am not from the area. Sometimes I do miss some Red Wing games so I catch then on direct tv specials every chance I get. Ask any Detroit Red Wings fan is there anything better than hockey and they will give you a resounding no. Hockey is alive and well thanks to the Red Wings.

Last Super Bowl


Guest post written by Wyatt Reeves

Going to the Super Bowl was a huge dream of mine ever since I watched it for the first time with my dad and uncles decades ago. Until 2010 it was always impossible for me to go to it though because of my crazy work schedule. So I thought there was on better way to ring in retirement than to actually go do the game this year. And that's exactly what I did!

I bought the tickets a long time before that and booked the hotel as soon as I found out the city it was going to happen in. My brother went with me and it was great because we live far apart and don't get to spend that much time together because of it. We were even mroe excited because we grew up listening to The Who and they were playing the half-time concert. But I wanted to make sure that I could get the most out of the game so I got some hearing aids in chicago a few months before it so I could get used to it. In one of our chats discussing the plans, I told my brother about it and he went out and bought some hearing aids in phoenix too. Then on a routine phone call with our sister he told her about all of the plans and what not and she went to miracle ear in washington.

I think that was a little weird, but I think we got an even better experience out of the Super Bowl and The Who. Not many people now can say that they've seen either one of those in real life, much less both!

Gamers Hall On Since 1910


An engagement ring can be noted as a symbol of love.  A love which is bound to last, to be tied with loyalty and devotion.  Engagement rings differ however in cultures, some use gemstones, matching rings and the best known of all is diamond.  Some women prefer to use their engagement ring as their wedding band but others prefer to wear it together with the wedding band.

Rings are meaningful accessories, it has more depth and value than any other accessory.  Say for an instance wedding rings, such rings are symbol for being united as one with your special someone.  Wearing the ring on your finger can visually speak for your status whether you're married or not.  It has been a practice for centuries already for couples to wear rings even before being married in forms of pre-engagement and engagement rings.  However these rings are called it doesn't really matter, what matters most is the true value and meaning of that tiny little ring on your finger.

The Video Game Awards


Thanks to Wm Rowe

The Video Game Awards have to be one of my most favorite shows to watch on my tv, that I got after I found direct tv discounts in Pennsylvania. Not just because my husband and I are huge gamers, because it's an entertaining and informative show to watch.

Not only do they give out awards for best games and best creators etc., but they also show trailers and videos of up and coming games. This gives you an inside look of what is yet to come. It's also exciting because the technology of these games are getting better and better each year. I swear, some of the games my husband and I play look so real it's hard to believe you are actually playing a computer programmed game and not watching a video of something that has happened in real life.

The best part of the show is that they give you insided tips on games that are coming out as well as information of when the game will be available and how to pre-order them before anyone else. Video games are a fun and exciting way of taking yourself out of reality for a while and just relaxing. When I come home from a hard day at work it's always fun to relax on the couch for a while with a video game. The only problem is once you start playing you don't want to stop.



Thanks for the post, Jennifer Mcconnell

As the biggest NASCAR fans in the world, getting to go see our first race was the most exciting thing ever! My husband and I planned a perfect weekend to go along with our trip to the NASCAR race, complete with dinner and other activities.

Since our trip would be a total of 4 days, we were sure to turn our home security alarm from http://www.inhomesecurity.net on before we hit the road. I feel so much more secure knowing that my home and things in it will be protected. We also instilled our neighbors of more than 10 years to keep an eye on things so nothing would ruin our trip!

The race was awesome! We ended up running into some friends while there-imagine that-such a small world after all. We all enjoyed the race together, and none of us were able to speak for a week from all of the yelling we did. Hopefully we will be able to attend another NASCAR race very soon. I've never had so much fun in my entire life. it has increased our love for races even more.

Gamers Hall On Direct SAT TV


Directsattv.com is one of the best priced entertainment provider out there with great deals for satellite TV programming. It has easy on the budget rates starting from $29.99 per month which is the basic entertainment package with an access to 45 HD channels. Imagine what the very basic package can make a difference with your viewing pleasure. The more upgrades you go for, the more HD channels and perks come with it. Don't forget to check out directv deals, which will prove to give you the best television programming possible.

There's no reason for you to miss out those new and upcoming programs, all you need to do is sit back and enjoy the shows for the rest of the night after a long day from work. Who wouldn't mind such peace of mind and great entertainment? Checkout the website for more info.

Gamers Hall On Surviving Mesothelioma


The big C also referred to as the silent killer is one of the most feared diseases by many. It comes in many forms and one of which is Mesothelioma Disease. This disease is commonly evident due to asbestos exposure at work or any environment but there are also some cases in which people who are affected didn't really get direct exposure to asbestos. A Malignant Mesothelioma can be very harmful and should be checked by a qualified doctor for further examination and possible treatment.

Undergoing treatments upon diagnosis is one of the best ways to fight back he disease. If in any case that anybody who incurred it through their job environment, a Mesothelioma lawyer can help to fight for your rights in seeking aid. The Mesothelioma attorney specializes on such field and can help pursue all potential sources of compensation. Make sure you stand for your rights, seek professional help.

Favorite Superhero


Guest post by Jewel Cole

No matter how many years go by, generation after generation love Superman. No matter what, he can always save the day. He has always been and always will be my favorite superhero. Superman is a normal person with the name of Clark Kent. When he is needed he comes to the rescue when he transforms into Superman.

Superman is "faster than a speeding bullet." Not only is he quick on his feet, but he wears a cape and he can fly! He is also "more powerful than a locomotive." He has so much power that he has been known to lift cars, building and anything needed to save the day.

Superman also has vision powers and he can see x-ray, infrared and even telescope. He has super hearing and super breath allowing him to blow freezing temperatures from his mouth. Superman stories are great to read in comic books. My favorite way to watch my favorite superhero is on TVByDirect.

Superheros are so intriguing because they can not only do the things we could never do, but they also make those things look easy. Every person should have a favorite superhero and let their imagination run wild!

Catching The Bad Guys!


Content by Donny Vinson

I love to watch America's Most Wanted, the criminals and felons one the worst of the worst. John Walsh is the best host they could have found, his own horrific tragedy give the show credability.
The crimes they highlight are the worst in the country, sometimes even the world. The show has had much succes over the years, for catching the bad guys!

The stories range in crimes from rape, to murders, and of course terrorism. The stories are very grusome but do to the fact they are real, it gives you a sense of what the world is truely about.

When I sit down and turn on my satellite TV from BestChoiceTV.com, I always scan all the channels to see if Americas most wanted is on.

I usually watch while eating my dinner, even though the show is really graffic, it doesn't bother me to eat and watch.

There have been a few stories that really bothered me. Those usually involve children animals or elderly. This is a great show and if everyone watched, they would catch a lot more bad guys.

Taking a Day Trip


Guest post of the week by Moises Henderson

The dog days of summer can take its toll on all of us if we do not take some time to enjoy the things summer has to offer. The best way to enjoy the summer and have some time with family is to take day trips those- short one-day vacations the weekends bring.

It begins on Monday planning where to go for the weekend, hoping the weather cooperates and by Friday the plans are in place and you are ready for Saturday morning when the fun begins. The last thing to do before taking off is to set the home alarm system before leaving the house. We recently got a home security camera in Missouri so that we can monitor our house while we are gone.

Pulling out of the driveway the family is excited about where you are taking them. Of course you want it to be a surprise so you are quiet till after a while they figure it out. You are taking them white water rafting on the river, and they have a blast. The drive to the river takes a couple of hours and the day on the water excites and exhausts the family. By evening they are ready for a good meal and the drive home. Along the way you stop at one of the family's favorite restaurants. The end of a perfect day.

My Adult Baseball League


Author: Elias Massey

It's not every day I get to share my sports life with people, so I thought this would be the perfect time to talk about the recent baseball team I joined. In fact, I was so excited to get to practice last weekend that I almost left without my gear. After heading back into the house, I grabbed my bat and helmet, set the InHomeSecurity home security alarm and headed out to practice.

Playing on this team is great; not only does it relieve stress after work, but a few of my friends from childhood actually play on the team with me. The local adult league is made up of ten teams, all of which are trying to get to the playoffs. Only two teams from each division are able to advance past the regular season; of course, my team has never had a winning season.

Next year, my team is supposed to get a few new sponsors, which will provide us with better gear and uniforms. Without them, we may have had to either pay for it ourselves or abandon the team. Even if the team had disbanded, I would have joined another team elsewhere; I just couldn't go one year without playing baseball.

Gamers Hall On Surviving Mesothelioma


Anyone who happens to suffer from Mesothelioma Cancer or if you know a loved one that suffers from this, there is a site dedicated to those fighting to survive Mesothelioma. The subtitle literally reads as "Surviving Mesothelioma: A Patient's Guide".  It has testimonials, facts and news all related to that specific cancer. The facts include statistics which graph out the overall incidence according to the number of cases, race, gender. Survival rates are also exposed.

What I find the most helpful from the site is a nice section which gives out suggestions on the type of questions you may want to consider asking while you discuss treatment options with your doctor. Why is this helpful? For reassurance, confidence, and to exactly what you are getting into. It is a life and death scenario questions must be asked to be well informed and prepared for what experiences you may encounter while undergoing treatment.

Friday Night Hometown Football Games


Written by my friend Roosevelt Spence

When fall comes around, there are a lot of activities we like to do together as a family. One of our most enjoyable is going to our hometown high school football games. These games are usually held on Friday nights and an occasional Saturday. If the game happens to be away that week, sometimes we make it and sometimes we don't, it just depends on how far away it is.

We usually go with our immediate family, but most nights grandparents or aunts and uncles show up. By getting there early, we can set out blankets to save seats. That way, no one has to rush getting there and they have a seat saved for them when they arrive. Friday nights tend to get a little cold here where we live so it is not unusual to come into a game with a ton of blankets. So, if family members do not show up for the games, we then have enough blankets to cover up with in the event that it is cold!

On the Friday nights when we don't go to the games, we spend an enjoyable evening home watching satellite tv from ExpertSatellite. Maybe friends will come over and spend the evening with us. When this happens, everyone just brings snacks or drinks to share with each other.

Gamers Hall On Camelback Displays


Advertising is the best way to boost your business and what better way could it be than having a pop up trade show displaysPop up booths are very ideal for trde shows, retails, events, job fairs and so.  It is very easy to custom design trade show pop up and pop up displays, graphics can easily be added and then attached to the fabric through velcro.

Pop ups are very easy to assemble, setting it up and transporting it will never be a problem.  The frame opens up like a canopy or accordion then fabric panels or graphic displays just need to be hanged and that's it.  Easy as ABC.  There are accessories that can be used to enhance and make the pop ups look better, just have the right accessory sand it will certainly change then overall look.

Criminal Minds


Written by my friend Roosevelt Spence

New York satellite tv often shows repeats of Criminal Minds. It is a drama that follows a team of profilers from the FBI's Behavioral Analysis Unit at Quantico Virginia. The show focuses on thinking like the criminals and hunting them down. Mandy Patinkin will be seen as the head of the team in some of the repeats. His character was very smart and often pushed his team. Thomas Gibson plays Unit Chief Aaron Hotchner. He struggles with having a family and working a demanding job. Joe Mantenga joined the show after Patinkin left and became the FBI BAU Supervisor. Another character is Supervisory Special Agent Derek Morgan, played by Shemar Moore. His temper usually gets the better of him but he is very confident. Probably the smartest and youngest member of the team is Dr. Spencer Reid (Matthew Gray Gubler). He has many BAs and Doctorates and remembers everything. Another character is JJ, played by AJ Cook. She is the team's liaison with local police agencies and the media. The team's Technical Analyst is portrayed by Kirsten Vangsness. She can access any computer account and is very quirky. Another Special Agent is portrayed by Paget Brewster. She can speak several foreign languages and tried to undermine Hotchner. The show can be very dark and definitely gets into the minds of how killers think and act.

Perfecting the New Year's Eve bash


Guest post written by Kimberly Atkinson

I've thrown a few New Year's Eve parties in my day and have definitely learned quite a few things over the years to make sure that a NYE party goes smoothly and is the most possible fun for everyone who attends it. One year I actually had it start at 8 p.m., which is kind of too long for people to stay at a party. Some people even left before the countdown to midnight! So I know now to start the party at around 10 a.m. instead, which just happens to be the perfect timeline for the party.

I also made the mistake of fixing all the food one year and I couldn't even enjoy my party because of it. Since then I've just had them cater. It's worth that extra money to have fun at my actual party. I actually found a new catering company this year with my Clear wireless internet that's a little cheaper than the one I've used in the past, so I'm going to give them a try.

I think that will all of my experience, that my New Year's Eve bash this year is going to be perfect and run so smoothly!

Weekend Softball Heroes, Ruining Adult Leagues for the Rest of Us!


Content by Mauricio Benson

Even before I catch sight of those athletic socks and uncomfortably tight “official” softball shorts, I know he's there. No matter which team I'm set to play in my weekly Saturday game, “Overly Intense/ Competitive Softball Guy (or Girl)” will be on the field proving just what kind of weekend adult co-ed slow-pitch league super star he can be. Each weekend, when I set my home security alarm (New York ALARM SYSTEMS pricing), carrying my old baseball bag to the car, his voice fills my head - the incessant arguing over pitch height, the deep, inhuman beer-gut belches. In the many adult softball leagues - corporate and recreational - I've played in, my opposition has always featured some form of this aggressive fellow, who apparently has been tasked by the sports gods to make the rest of us further regret being up at 9 a.m. on a Saturday. In spite of these weekend sports “heroes", Softball continues to provide a great way for me to compete with friends, while recapturing the fun I once enjoyed playing baseball in high school, minus the fear of letting my team down in defeat. Therefore, each Saturday I step out on the diamond and ignore his complaints over missed calls or the way he takes a “strategic” walk, focusing instead on the unbridled feeling of joy that will surge through me when we win.

Gamers Hall On That Ad Agency


That Advertising Agency is a company that provide marketing for businesses. They integrate social media, blogging, public relations, effective websites, brand protection and much more. They also offer tracking which will allow clients to see the results and effect of their investment in marketing campaigns. Regardless of what business you are in, they want to provide you an advertising plan that incorporates traditional advertising and cutting-edge internet marketing to maximize potential and return of investment.

They are an aggressive company who will use mixed media marketing alongside with internet publications such as blogs, online news, and entertainment outlets. They are realizing that the traditional forms are no longer sufficient enough to stay competitive. Television, radio and print advertising are great, but not enough. That Advertising Agency will not only use the traditional methods but will also use innovative advertising and marketing, assorted communications advertising, multiple channel marketing and mixed media marketing.

Tuesday Night Soccer League


Thanks for the article from Robin Woodard

Tuesday night is a night of the week that I look forward to arriving. In the beginning of a hectic work week it is nice to be able to blow off some steam and energy from being strapped to a desk at work for the past couple days. Tuesday night is my indoor soccer league.

After I get off work, I hurry home to grab a bite to eat, grab my gear, set my home security alarm( Michigan ALARM SYSTEMS monitoring) and head down the the indoor facilities. My team consists of friends that I have known for years, some are good soccer players and others are pretty new to the sport. We win some games, but we are definitely not the best team in the league by a long shot. It's just a fun way to gather with my friends, do something I love, and get some excercise while doing it.

Usually after the games we'll clean up a bit and head out to grab a couple drinks. We don't take our league too seriously, just an excuse to get out of the house, enjoy the company of good friends, and burn off some energy. Being a part of an adult sports league is a great way to release stress from work and gives me something to look forward to mid-week instead of just waiting for the weekend to arrive.

Gamers Hall On CCNA


Life these days is tough, people who used to work full hours get less, those who are looking for jobs can't get any and worse for those who have been working all their life and got laid off.  It's still unsure up to when this situation will last and it's hard to tell when things will pick up back on track.  Many people are trying to work on having new credentials with extended schooling.  This is another way of trying to land to a job which is not their usual forte.

It's not a waste of time trying to learn something else rather than just sitting and waiting, doing nothing practically while unemployed.  Try looking at CCNA, it's a free community which offers CCNA training & certification.  This can give light to your work career after being a certified professional who can install, configure and operate networking systems.  Come check out the CCNA boot camp and make a difference in your life!

Ticket America Brings You Events


Ticket America brings the events to you by providing you quick access to concerts, sporting events and even theater! Through them you will be able to browse for tickets according to the type of sports you are interested in or according to artists you are wanting to get tickets to and you may even browse for tickets according to what's available near your location! It couldn't be easier. They have a wide range of choices when it comes to sporting events tickets, they cover the NBA, NFL, NHL, NCAA football and basketball, PGA golf, tennis, NASCAR and boxing tickets!

Find events being held at the AT&T Center, US Airways Center, American Airlines Arena - FL, FedEx Forum, Target Center and many other popular places. Ticket America provides great info on events, venues and tickets and if you have any questions, they have a contact page where you may send them your inquiries or feedback. And if you want to get more comfortable with Ticket America, they have a blog filled with information, updates and other content. Have fun!

Kung Fu Panda Is Legendary


Guest post written by Taylor Kilner

In Kung Fu Panda, Po the main character says that his story will be legendary. And according to our family, he was right! Kung Fu Panda with Jack Black has quickly become our favorite family movie for so many reasons.

Po is a panda that work for his father in the family noodle shop. But Po dreams of being a great Kung Fu warrior like his heroes the Fabulous Five. When the new Dragon Warrior is selected to lead the Fabulous Five, Po meets his fate when he is miraculously selected! The story of Po overcoming all kinds of challenges and obstacles as he struggles to live up to his new calling is a great story on many levels. Not only for children, but every one including adults can benefit from the lessons on determination, character and the importance of team work and brotherhood. Eventually Po conquers his fears and inabilities and defeats Tai Lung, the Kung Fu expert turned evil and portrayed by a leopard.

Jack Black is one of my favorite actors and his performance as Po the panda has to be my favorite to date. Dustin Hoffman voices his master Shifu and the Fabulous Five include the talents of Angelina Jolie, Seth Rogan, Jackie Chan, Lucy Liu and David Cross. Ian McShane's classic voice brings evil Tai Lung to life. While my kids see this as a great action adventure show they watch on direct tv, I see it as an excellent tale of triumph in the face of adversity that most adults will appreciate as well.

Boosting my career in 2011


Guest post written by Natalie Scott

I honestly can't remember the last time that I dated my resume, which is kind of a problem because I'm really hoping to advance my career this year. I've had a great entry-level position in public relations for a few years, but I feel that it's time to move on and up in my career. So I'm making a resolution for 2011 that I'm going to do some major career advancement.

Every time that I like to make a big decision, I like to make some pros and cons and then also a list of steps I need to take to achieve my goal. I went online a few nights ago to come up with a new resume format and while I was looking for that I came across the website clearwireinternet.com and read through it some. After that, I ordered one of the internet packages that I found on there because I had been wanting to shop around for a new internet provider anyway for a while now.

I've also set a few other professional New Year's resolutions, like to set up my own portfolio website as something that I can send to people when I'm applying for jobs.

Stanley Cup Hopes Rise in Philadelphia


Thanks for the post from Noe Castro

Most NHL fans have heard of the Broad Street Bullies, the nickname the Philadelphia Flyers acquired in the mid-1970s when the team became known for a rugged, brawling style of play.

Yes, there were plenty of fighters on that team, but many fans forget that the squad included some all-time greats such as Bobby Clarke and Bill Barber. Clarke, Barber and Reggie Leach made up one of the most talented and skilled lines in NHL history.

With such a great past, it's not surprising that the Flyers have long been my favorite hockey team. Fortunately, even though I no longer live in Philadelphia area, I can still follow the Flyers on Directtv satellite tv.

It's not hard to be a fan of this team since year after year, the franchise is a serious contender for the Stanley Cup. Last season, the team fell just short of the championship. This year's team, with good young players like Claude Giroux, Mike Richards and Jeff Carter, might be one the that finally brings the Cup back to Philadelphia. The defensive corps, led by Chris Pronger, is the strongest the team has had in years.

A weak goalie dragged the team down in the finals last season. But there's new hope in goal this year. Sergei Bobrovsky, a 22-year-old from Russia, has dazzled fans with his great play so far this season.

Cutting back during the holidays


Guest post written by Rosie Peters

We just bought a new house, so this year we're trying not to spend as much money as we normally do in the holidays. My husband says I like to go overboard for Christmas and he's kind of right, so it's going to take some real creativity to not spend as much as we normally do.

I'm sure that it's going to be really tempting to keep spending as much as we normally do, but I'm trying to make it into fun by finding all kinds of DIY things to do instead of buying them. I was online a few nights ago looking up DIY gift ideas when I saw the site http://clearwirelessinternet.com and showed it to my husband. I think that we're going to change our internet service to it, especially since we're being more budget conscious right now.

Now, I have gotten a bad DIY holiday gift here or there, so I'm trying to really give things that I would want. No badly crocheted oven mitts from me! You canÕt go wrong with something good to eat, so I think that IÕm going to fix some cookie and hot chocolate mixes to put in jars and give to people, while saving some for us!

Nascar Race


Contribution by Saul Martin

Nascar racing is one of the most exciting sport to watch. We usually have a little get together on every race day. We go to a friend's house and watch the race on direct tv in South Carolina. We have been watching the Nascar Sprint Cup Race for the Chase since it started. This series has been very competitive. There are only a couple of races left, so the pressure is on. The next races are going to be pretty interesting because the point standings are running really close. My favorite Nascar race car driver is Jimmie Johnson. I really enjoy watching him drive and he has a great personality. Mark Martin started calling him Superman. Right now he is in 9th place, so he really has to race his best the next two races. There are several drivers that still have the chance of making the top ten and going on to the final race. I am still going to be cheering for Jimmie Johnson. I think he is one of the best race car drivers in Nascar history. He has won many races and was named best race car driver of the decade in 2000. In 2009 he was the only driver that has ever won four Sprint Cup championships in a row. I think he can win the final race, he has worked hard and deserves it.

Body Surfing


Thanks to my buddy Sean Duley for the guest post.

Have you ever been in the ocean and tried body surfing? If not, you are missing out on the experience of a lifetime. This article will be a guide for how to body surf for the first time.

First, you need to pick a great ocean for body surfing. An ocean with many waves is great, however, you do not want waves that are too big. In California, some of the best body surfing I did was on the Pacific Ocean in Venice Beach. Other great beaches to check out in California for body surfing are Manhattan Beach, the beach in Santa Monica, and Malibu Beach.

After you have found a great beach, the next step is to swim out into the ocean. Swim out into the ocean so it hits right above your waist. At this level, you should still be able to jump from the bottom in a rather easy fashion. Make sure you have balance as well.

As the wave approaches you, be sure to jump into the actual wave. This is called "catching" a wave. Envision the way surfers dive into waves as they would on you favorite directv show.

After you jump into the wave, now the wave should be able to pull you in and over, so that you are gliding on top of the wave. You will know you have been successful when you are gliding on top of waves. Body surfing takes practice, but it is highly enjoyable when perfected!

Derrick Favors Will Lead Nets to Playoffs


The article written by Alonso Kramer

The New Jersey Nets are a basketball team I have enjoyed watching for a few years. They usually are not that great of a team but I was able to watch preseason NBA basketball on satellite TV from www.direct.tv and they looked pretty strong.

I do not think they will get a championship this year but if they keep playing strong basketball like they did during the preseason then they will easily get into the playoffs.

The New Jersey Nets have a lot of underutilized talent on their team. Players such as Jordan Farmar, Quinton Ross, and even Joe Smith are all very talented players that have the fundamental skills necessary to win big. If these players can learn to play better ball with each other then they will be one of the more dominant teams in the NBA.

Derrick Favors is in my opinion the best player for New Jersey. He is very consistent in scoring and you can always rely on him to put up some nice stats. He is a rookie player out of Georgia Tech but he played awesome during the preseason and put up some nice stats so far in the regular season. I am predicting that Derrick Favors will eventually be in the Basketball Hall of Fame. He is a great player and could help propel the Nets into the playoffs.

Sports on Demand


Guest post of the week by Darrin Avery

When dish tv first notified me of the Free on Demand service, I have to admit, I really didn't think much of it. I'd already set most of my favorite TV programs to use the DVR recording function and I don't really watch too many things outside of them. Then it happened - I had forgotten to record the basketball game.

Since I work and live on the west coast, when my team plays over on the east coast (where the games start based on that time zone) I end up having to record the game, avoid all sports websites, radio and the like in order to enjoy the game. My co-worker does the same and we typically enjoy the games together while having a few beers. That night I was disappointed that I had forgotten to record the game when my co-worker remembered the broadcasters mentioning that their games were available Free on Demand and suggested checking for it. I was so glad I did. Since then, knowing the game is going to be available there has put my mind at ease. I don't have to worry about whether to check to see if I recorded the game during my lunch break or whether the national channel will be blacked out and the game will be shown on a local channel instead.

Operation Repo Rules


Author: Omar Schwartz

My immediate family consists of myself, my father, my mother, my older brother, and my younger sister. We have had a family operated repossession business for over a decade. I was still in high school when the business was first started, but I'm a big part of it now. Actually, every single one of us is. Not one person decided to stray away and do their own thing, which is amazing. That being the case, we make it a point to watch Operation Repo once per week on the satellite tv we got on tvbydirect.com. We're always running around and getting ourselves into some ugly situations, so to see it happening somewhere else really is interesting.

I was disappointed when I found out that Operation Repo was based on true events and not actually filmed during the real repos. But that's okay. I know the reenactments are based on true events and I'm still able to tell what is real and what is not. I don't think they add much extra drama because everything that has happened on that show has either happened to me or someone in my family. When you go to repossess something from someone, you're going to see the worst of them. They feel as though you're stealing something that belongs to them and they're extremely embarrassed. While I hate to admit it, I have even learned a few interesting tactics used by the Repo men and women on Operation repo. It has been beneficial in more ways than one.

Gamers Hall On Mesothelioma


Not only those who were directly exposed to asbestos can have mesothelioma disease, it can be through products and materias which have been exposed or contain some asbestos particles and dust can possibly affect somebody's health too.  This disease needs medical procedures such as chemotherapy, radiation and the like.

Aside from medical help, other means of support can be asked from specialized mesothelioma attorney. We all know that undergoing through such medical procedures can cost as much as everything we have, if such disease has been acquired within work premises then certain procedures can be done with the help of a mesothelioma lawyer.  Don't be afraid to fight for your right, it's a way to fight for your life.

Fun at the Amusement Park


This is a guest post by Sandy McElroe

My husband and I buy season tickets to the local amusement park. We think this saves us a lot of money. We look forward to going to the park every week. Every Saturday we have the same routine. We get up, pack a picnic lunch, set our ADT Texas home alarm and drive to the park.

The first thing we do when we get to the park is walk around the whole park. It is such a beautiful relaxing place in the morning, before the crowds start coming in. My husband and I like to walk so many steps a day, so this helps us get our exercise in.

About midmorning , when the temperature starts rising, we head to the pool area. We love relaxing and sunning ourselves by the pool. This is why we always have great tans by the end of summer. After we relax for a while we start hitting the water slides. Even though my husband and I are not exactly young we still love the slides.

By the time were are done with the water slides we are starving, so we have our picnic lunch. After a little more fun at the pool we spend most of the evening riding rides and playing games. Our favorite rides are the old wooden roller coaster and the carousel. Even though we are not very good at it we love playing the ring toss game. We usually only are able to get the smallest prize. This is ok with us, because we still have fun just playing the game. Riding the rides and playing the games makes us feel young.

About an hour before the park closes we get homemade ice cream with fresh strawberries on it. I really think this my husband's favorite part of the day.



ESPN is my favorite channel. I do not know when this happened. In college I was fascinated with the news and flipped back between CSPAN and the CNN channels for hours. I not only watched the news, I absorbed it. Now my tv is perpetually set to a low volume and broadcasts sports all day. Basketball, rodeos, strong man competitions, soccer, college football and of course, all the day’s sporting news. It does not really matter what is on. I am not even sure I watch it. I barely pay attention unless the crowd starts booing or screaming and then I will look up from the computer or my book. But when I don’t hear the peppy hum of ESPN sports, I feel really lost. How did this happen to me?

I spend my days at work researching modern art and I still read the news online. Maybe this opened up a void in my life. I have always liked sports but never followed them religiously. Maybe ESPN is a symbol of my lost youth or some bottled up testosterone I harbor. My satellite tv seriously does not need the 1000 channels anymore. I do not think I have changed it from ESPN for several months now, besides when I tune to my direct tv nfl Sunday ticket channels to watch some football. When I come home, I turn on the TV after a long day of complaining gallery owners. I make some food and let the soothing sounds of some far away competitive sport lull me into a copasetic stupor. I love ESPN. Maybe I need a hobby or a pet.

Thanks to Rodney Jones for the guest post

Gamers Hall On Local TV Satellite


Man's best friend aside from dogs, TV.  The television is one of the best past time guys are in to because it's a better option than going to cinemas and being so discreet while watching.  Who wouldn't want to scream out their joy when their favorite team wins or scores a point or cheer on the hero of an action packed movie which can be viewed from their Direct TV.  Lounging on the couch with a beer on one hand and the remote on the other, that sure sounds like a guy's knockout relaxation.

How about those who want more than just the regular cable shows, programs and movies?  Simply check out localtv-satellite.com and see the available offers.  Great deals are being advertised as low as $29.99 per month.  Definitely more for your money!  Here's more at LocalTV-Satellite, offers are flexible according to your viewing habits .  Die hard tv watchers can have access up to 105 HD channels!  Better stay in a specific program or else you'll never get to see one when you start playing tv roulette having fun channel surfing.  That sure is a lot of channels to cover.

Gamers Hall On The Steam Team


We don't want to carry on germs and bacteria into our homes to protect our health therefore keeping a clean flooring is a must. Kids love to play on the floor and do many things there so as babies who are learning to crawl and are very much exposed to the harmful unseen the floors have.  Wooden floors and other hard surfaces are easier to handle but carpets aren't that friendly when it comes to maintenance cleaning as it collects more dust into its fibers.

Having to call for carpet cleaning services in Austin can help you through this floor matter.  Since the normal home vacuuming won't work as good as the deep steam cleaner Austin has to offer, getting things done by the pro will make your carpet floors cleaner and fresher.  No need to worry about long waiting time for the carpet to dry because the dry steam cleaner Austin can do the trick.  In no time your kids and even you can do your things right on your clean and dry carpet floor.



Guest blogger post from Mick Thomson.

Spring time means the start of good weather, good times, and even better - spring sports. When spring weather begins to roll around I know that men’s lacrossegames on my satellite TV are never far behind. I found some sweet Direct TV packagesso I can watch tons of lacrosse games. The end of May begins the Division 1 semi-finals and finals in Baltimore this year.

Saturday, May 29th will be the showdown between Virginia and Duke at 6:30 pm, as well as the face-off of Notre Dame and Cornell earlier in the day at 4 pm. Both should prove to be great games. The victors of the semifinals will play in the championship on Monday at 3:30 pm.

Although sitting in Baltimore at the game would be an awesome way to brag to friends, I would much rather sit at home on my couch watching my TV, surrounded by good friends and great food, enjoying the game from the comfort of my own home.

Don't always believe the reviews


Guest post written by Ross Holloway

After trusting so many reviews about movies or books being terrible or wonderful and thinking the opposite of the person that wrote the review, I"ve just stopped trusting any of them. There are evern certain magazines or web sites that if I see their writers say that something is bad, that will give me even more of a reason to go out and read or watch it. That's how I came across the writer Christopher Moore, because I read some review about it being bad that he didn't take such supernatural stuff seriously and made it to be all funny. I thought that was teh most ridiculous reason to give something a bad review, so I went and bought almost every book that I could find that he wrote.

Now I keep up with the author on a regular basis and love to read his blog all the time. I even have it on my Google reader. When I was doing that a short while back, I saw something about a DIRECT TV internet bundle and decided to sign up for one for my internet service.

Now it's really hard to find a Christopher Moore book review that isn't positive.

Ranger's Life


Guest post written by Jeramy Sparks

There are few things I enjoy more than nature, so it was only natural (no pun intended) that I become a park ranger when I got my first job. I loved being out in the field all day and even the boring assignments like posting up and watching for forest fires were enjoyable as I got to be outside. I now spend most of my days out here driving around the huge national park, making sure the animals are doing well and none of the visitors have littered or camped in illegal or dangerous areas. I was recently given some information about wireless internet and quickly signed up – I’ve needed a way to stay connected to my wife when I’m out here all day. She’s expecting our first child and unfortunately I get limited cell service out here. It’s also been useful for looking up different things about the flora and fauna, and I’ve even started a park blog that our loyal visitors read! They now know when and where the herds are migrating and the best spots for waterfall viewing!

Favorite Infomercial on TV


Guest post written by Jeramy Sparks

There are literally thousands of infomercials on the television that are viewed by millions everyday. Many of these infomercials are actually very entertaining. The host have bubbly personalities that easily get your attention. Infomercials sell everything from household to auto supplies. Many popular celebs are also popping up on infomercials selling beauty products to household products. We've all probably seen the infomercial with Jessica Simpson on selling an acne product. It was last year when one infomercial really caught my attention. Where did I see this infomercial? Well, I saw my now favorite infomercial on direc tv one night. It was around the holiday season and I was wondering what to buy a relative who doesn't seem to like any of the presents that I've bought him in the past. After watching the infomercial for the Slanket, I was sure that he would love this as a surprise holiday gift. It would surely be unexpected and out of the ordinary. After all, who wouldn't love to own the Slanket, a blanket with sleeves. The product gives you the freedom to move around while keeping warm. Needless, to say, Mr Difficult, actually loved the Slanket.

Speed Is All The Action You Need


Guest post from: Natalie Walter

I have always been a fan of action movies. I don't hesitate to make it to the theater when a new action flick is released. Some movies are great, some are average, and some make you wish that you never left your home. The great ones always stand out in my mind, and Speed - in my opinion - is the best action movie every made.

It starred Sandra Bullock in the early stages of her career, and she was really a cutie at this point. It was so easy to watch anything that she appeared in. I watch Speed on my satellite television from ExpertSatellite.com every time that it comes on. It's just that good. I think the thing that really impresses me about the film in the constant action. There isn't a dull moment.

It's also unpredictable. You never know what will happen next. Of course I know everything that will happen because I have seen it so many times. This works to my advantage. I love to watch the movie with a young niece or nephew that has no idea that this movie exists. They are hooked a couple of minutes after I pull them into it. They become so engrossed in all of the action. I just love to see their facial expressions when something unexpected happens. It's a true http://blog.moviefone.com/2010/08/02/asian-beat-ip-man-2-and-classic-action/ classic action movie.

Big Time Conference Football Games


Authored by Rickey Combs

I know most people who live outside of the Midwest don't pay much attention to the MAC, but this year is an exciting time for the Miami Redhawks. They will go head-to-head against the Northern Illinois Huskies in the MAC Championship; while Miami would be an easy favorite, the Huskies are on a roll and might just make it an interesting game.

When I sit down to watch football on my satellite TV from http://www.cannonsatellite.com/ this weekend, I will be watching more than just the MAC Championship; I will be watching them all. The Oregon Ducks/Oregon State Beavers game is always exciting, and I'm almost positive that Oregon will suffer a loss and miss the chance to play in the National Championship game. The Auburn Tigers will probably beat the South Carolina Gamecocks in the SEC Championship; however, it should be more exciting than the Oregon game.

The Big East and Big Ten are still waiting for teams to join before they can have a conference championship, but Connecticut still has a chance to win the Big East with a win over the South Florida Bulls. As a Redhawks fan, it's been a while since Roethlisberger gave us something to cheer about, but hopefully Miami can do it this year; after all, we finally don't have to worry about the Chippewas.

Gamers Hall On Guardian Insurance


It's a wise move to have yourself insured for the unexpected.  This way if there's any sudden event you can be confident that everything will be handled properly with ease.  It's way impossible to get any insurance to work on accident cover or funeral cover by the time it's needed without having been enrolled ahead.  This works for most insurance companies and you can just be lucky if you'll find insurance systems like of those covered by the government which accept enrollment with an existing case.

Guardian income insurance can be a brighter option if you want to prepare ahead while you are securely working.  Now that the economy is unpredictable, it's safe to insure your income in any case you'll be laid off just like most people.  We all know how tough it is to be unemployed and what makes it worse is if you have a family to support.

The Champion Pittsburgh Penguins


Content by Mauricio Benson

Come on folks, who couldn't like Sid “The Kid” Crosby? We Pittsburghers like our Penguins NHL hockey team so much that we finally built a new arena for them. Pittsburgh was known as “The City of Champions” just a few years back. Though the Pirates may be a ways off from winning another World Series, we can count on our Steelers and Penguins to win Super Bowl and Stanley Cup championships. This is an old steel producing town that likes to see its work ethic carried over into our pro sports teams.

If it wasn't for Mario Lemieux, we might not even still have a pro hockey team. Mario not only played for the Penguins, he bought the franchise. We are so happy that he kept them in Pittsburgh. We get attached to our teams and the players. We identify with effort and the professionalism needed to be a professional athlete so we hold our players to a higher standard than most cities. You want to play in Pittsburgh? Well then, you had better act like we do. Just like we aren't tolerant of slackers in the workforce, we aren't the least bit tolerant of lackadaisical performance on the field or ice.

From the minimum wage earners to the doctors and engineers, we find a way to watch or listen to our Penguins play. We support our teams by buying tickets so much that the games are always sold out. Season tickets have long waiting lists. That's why I like watching hockey in High Definition on my satellite tv packages.

Your Fantasy Football League Online


Guest post written by my buddy Franklin Davenport

These days you are in the minority if you haven't been caught up in the fastasy football craze using hughes net satellite internet. Fantasy football is now mainstream and many leagues are managed completely online. Usine your hughes internet service to go online, you can create your league, invite people to join your league, draft your team, and then manage it throughout the season.

This season again you have many choices where you are park your league. CBS Sportsline, ESPN, Yahoo, and many other all have the online software to host your league. You can form a league with usually as few as 6 teams, but my experience is "the more the merrier" and I like to see leagues with 12 or 16 teams compete via hughes net internet in California.

Recruit you friends, relatives or even just random people to joing the fun. Whoever is hosting your league will have an online draft where you pick your initial team. Changes can be made throughout the season as you add and cut players. Set your lineups each week and enjoy the action on Sunday and Monday night.

Fantasy football should be fun, but there is work involved. Without the ability to run leagues online, fantasy football wouldn't be as popular as it is today.

Gamers Hall On Baby Carriers


Many of us become parents sooner or later and when that day comes when a new member of the family joins the circle, we want the best comfort for the baby as well as the parents. We try to find the best cribs, the best high chairs, the best toys and well, the best everything. One item that we often see are baby carriers! A website worth checking out is babycarriers.com. They have all sorts of information on baby carriers such as the differences in use depending on culture, the many various types available and other related information.

There are regular baby carriers, infant hip carrier and backpack slings that all have different styles to suit different needs and requirements. They also have information on accessories to help mothers carry around their babies in style. They have a great page discussing the benefits of baby backpack carriers which could shed some light on this type of carrier. A very interesting read which I recommend to any parent or parents to be.

Gamers Hall On Data Graphics Inc


Please know that Data Graphics Inc. provides custom labels for industrial purposes, military specification and commercial applications. Data Graphics, Inc. has plenty of material for review on their site that has been developed over time and should be used as a resource.

Doesn't it look more professional if your business uses custom labels for those mailings and other things?  Presentation do affect the product saleability and same thing applies to other businesses.  There's a certain appeal of professionalism when a company has a formal custom label.  It gives more prestige when it comes to presentation therefore making it look more pleasant than ever.

Data Graphics Inc. does a very good job when it comes to labels.  Their service doesn't fall only on commercial applications but also for industrial and military specifications.  Data Graphics assures efficient and quality service like no other, customers are guaranteed with on time and well done product deliveries.  This company is ever committed to meet the highest expectations of its valued clients who patronize their service.

Feeding an Army


Posted by Von Battle

Growing up I loved watching the sitcoms of the 1970's. One of the top favorites that spanned well into the 80's was M*A*S*H. Some of the best scenes were in the mess hall before and after surgery where all the characters were sitting around talking about their day. The mess riot that ensued one episode was on the satelite tv from http://www.direct.tv/direct-tv-deals.html where Hawkeye stands up on the tables and shouts out in effect of, "We won't take it anymore!"

As I watched the show I had the hinkering for Spam, a wartime favorite. I used to use it as a garnish on top of my soft boiled eggs. The Spam would have to be seriously crispy tho and that's easy to do with time since the meat has its own amount of fat content inside. Sometimes if cut too thin the processed meat falls apart. This is fine as well since it will fry up just as nice, and actually crumbling it gets better coverage in a frying pan for cooking up more crisply.

This is great if you don't have any sausage or bacon handy and want an extra amount of flavoring for your breakfast. Tastes really good as a side as well, along with pancakes and maple syrup. The salty sweetness is a great combination.

Gamers Hall On Butcher Block Company


One of the most important part of the house is the kitchen.  It is where food and staples are being prepared, having the right tools and fixtures can make cooking even better.  Some people has high considerations about having a very spacious kitchen where they can do so much more than cooking, literally.  While some will just go for whatever space is given for the kitchen. 

It's good to upgrade utility sinks if it's already worn out.  Not only that having it replace will upgrade the look of the sink counter for hygiene purpose.  Same thing with the butcher block where all the action starts.  This is one of the most used item in the kitchen and literally abused.  An old and damaged one can harvest more bacteria.  And for an overall upgrade, you might want to consider changing those old stools and chairs, adirondack chairs definitely can add somecharm into your kitchen.



This is a guest post by Taylor Raylan

Managing my photos online has become so much easier with programs like Flickr. I used to take so many digital pictures on my camera and then I would upload them to my computer program that was connected to my camera. The only problem with these programs is that they do not go right to the internet so I would have a computer full of photos that I didn't know what to do with. Nobody ever saw these photos and this might be a little bit of bragging but I thought they were so good that I did not want to delete them. Using my hughes net internet I can connect to websites like Flickr and upload albums and albums of photos right there on the site. This makes it easier for me find a home for all of my photos and albums so they do not just crowd my personal photo albums with nobody to look at them. When I put my photos up on Flickr I can also organize them into an order and put them into separate albums by subject. I really like the features that Flickr has too where other people that I know can look at all of my photos and have their say about what they think about the photo just as if they were sitting right next to me talking.

Gamers Hall On Blue Sky Scrubs


Nursing scrubs these days can be quite fashionable in the nursing industry. There are so many styles and uniqueness to choose from compared to what was available 10 years ago. The question nowadays is, where to buy cheap scrubs which look cool but still affordable. Blue Sky Scrubs definitely is the place to go for scrubs, scrub hats, jackets, shirts, medical coats and related accessories. If you are lucky you might even catch one of their sale and get what you want for less.

Or how about for those of you ho know someone in the medical industry that could be interested with Blue Sky Scrubs? Well, they also have gift certificates available for that special someone. They have a great site with easy to use interface that keep your shopping experience with them simple and enjoyable. So what are you waiting for? Get those nursing uniforms you've always wanted at a great price with the quality you seek!

Baseball Memorabilia


This is a guest post by Torri Swims

I wanted to purchase a very special gift for my older brother who is finishing up an MBA and will be going to work at a major corporation in a few weeks. I decided I wanted to get him something that he would love for years to come. So while everyone else is planning on sending him graduation related gifts and money, I decided on a baseball jersey autographed by one of his favorite players. He has always loved the Atlanta Braves and Chipper Jones so I searched the web using my hughes net satellite internet. I ended up finding a great site for collectible sports memorabilia. Sportsmemorabilia.com had nearly endless options of teams, sports and items for sale. I knew that I could easily find a Chipper Jones jersey. I did a quick search of the site and found a few different options.

Not only did they have jerseys, but they had pictures, baseballs and other merchandise as well. All of these items were priced below listed value prices, so I felt as if I was getting a good deal. Shipping on all items over $50 was around $5, so I didn’t have to spend a ton of money getting it safely delivered. I picked standard shipping since there was no rush in getting it here. I was pleased with all the options available and how easy it was to secure the item. I had no clue what I was really looking for and this site made it simple and easy to navigate.

Central Pensylvania Fairs


This guest post from Alden Strong

I live in Central Pennsylvania, and there are many county fairs I can go to. Some counties run more than one fair a year, but regardless of which county fair I decide to visit, my reasons are going are always the same.

When I was younger, I used to go to get a cheap thrill out of riding the carnival rides. As I got older, I preferred to go see the vendors and have a chance of eating foods that I cannot get anywhere else. Sure, some of the foods are cheap fare, but some are deliciously bad for me concoctions that are a pleasure to the taste buds. Deep fried potatoes, deep fried Twinkies, and deep fried Oreos are some of the things I can find while going between the vendors.

I can also find arts and crafts vendors that sell a number of items with local flare. I can even find people selling knives and swords if I am so inclined to pick them up. I am neither a hunter nor a serious weapons collector, so I do not need to pick up any of these items.

While I am out at enjoying the atmosphere of the summer months, I do not want to worry about my tv from bestchoicetv.com I am away. I make sure I set my home security alarm before heading out the door.

Watching the Playoffs


This guest post from Arlene Guthrie

I may not watch every baseball game during the season, but when the playoffs arrive, I never miss a pitch. I watch Major League Baseball in satellite TV from tvbydirect.com, especially because of the high definition broadcasts, which make sports even more amazing.

This year the playoffs have started off with several surprising teams and surprising wins. Although some people think they can pencil the Yankees in as pennant winners at the beginning of each season, this year, that probably won't be the case. The Yankees are still in the hunt, but they may not be the favorites this year.

The Boston Red Sox did not even make the post season, but the team to watch may just be the Texas Rangers, who have played extremely well behind great pitching. That's probably the Achilles heel of the New York Yankees, in an environment where they have no salary cap. It would seem they could bring in all of the top pitchers, but the Yankees are proving once again that simply spending money is not a guarantee of winning. Their pitching staff has worked so far, but it seems like they are constantly having to manage their bullpen and starters more than fans expected.

Of course, it is the post season, and many surprising things can happen. The Yankees might suddenly look great, and it's not the same as managing the pitching rotation in the regular season.

Gamers Hall On Blue Sky


I saw this cool site the other day called Blue Sky Scrubs. Until I saw the site, I have always thought that uniforms were just uniforms with nurses, doctors and surgeons. Boy was I wrong, they actually have some sort of fashion thing going on in their world. And why not? Every profession usually have a particular accent with thier respective dress codes. At Blue Sky Scrubs, men and women are welcome to check out the fashionable nursing scrubs, scrub hats, accessories and medical coats available.

They have cheap scrubs with competitive prices and a large selection of scrub clothing that will surely accommodate the taste of nurses and doctors. Packed with products and a section for customer services this site seems like a fun place to shop for people in the medical industry. They even have specialized jewelry! Specifically earrings and a great selection of lanyards which may have matching earrings to pair up! Plenty to see.

Going to a Professional Football Game


Author: Elias Massey

I am a football addict. I will admit it. Everyone has there vice, and mine just so happens to be professional football. Going to professional football games is something I spend the rest of the calendar year saving money for. The goal is to go to a game every other week, if possible, and almost every year I succeed in doing so. I am one of those annoying fans you probably don't want to be next to every game. I don the face and body paint of my team colors, drink tons of beer and scream at every single play with all my closest buddies in tow. I often wonder if it wasn't for the professional football season if we would even be buddies at all, but I digress. On the weeks where we can't make it out to the game everyone usually piles into my living room to watch it on my www.directstartv.com/directv_equipment/directv_dvr/directv_dvr_tips_and_tricks.html. Luckily I have a bachelor pad, so this doesn't annoy anyone, I don't know what I'm going to do when the day comes that I get married. Hopefully she will be a die hard fan as much as I am, or else I fear it may not work. Either way I love my football, and every week I count the days until Sunday comes around again for my personal day.

The Simpsons Movie


Guest Posted by Tom Ricaden

The Simpsons Movie is a movie that I have been meaning to watch for months. With a busy work schedule and little free time I simply was never able to watch it. Thanks to a week off and an enormous television I decided that it was finally time to watch this movie.

I sat down in front of my 55 inch television the other night and went through the listings on the screen. Sports games, re-runs, boring reality television, Oxygen network are all quite boring. Finally I found The Simpsons Movie! Luckily I found it about ten minutes before it was about to start.

This movie was simply amazing! A climactic plot that led to the near destruction of Springfield made the viewer sit on the edge of their seat. Homer is not the smartest character but any avid Simpsons fan knows that. The military being so involved with Springfield is rather interesting. It made me think back to the days of the cold war when the U.S.S.R. gave little power to its own citizens. I continued to watch The Simpsons Movie on one of the satellite systems in Florida in my area.

The next part that struck me as interesting was the entire bubble being placed over Springfield. This dome was placed on top of the town to ensure that the residents would not be able to exit or enter. However tunneling was able to get under the dome and several citizens escaped. I am not going to share who exactly as that might just spoil the entire movie. This movie was well worth the wait!

Gamers Hall On Oasis Advanced Wellness


Natural health products are more in demand nowadays. Most people are being more watchful with their health now due to the rising cases of diseases. Of course everybody wants to live healthy, being ill is expensive. The cost of medications and treatments are way to pricey and being sick can affect many aspects of your life.

Oasis Advanced Wellness aims to promote natural health and wellness through their line of natural medicines. One of the best natural medicine that they have is Oregano Oil which is nature's antibacterial and antifungal treatment and very good in treating food poisoning. Imagine how much one simple oil can do for you. Vitamin D is very important too in our body but it's not easy to get all that our body needs. Bio D-Mulsion can help emulsify calcium absorption to our bones which is very beneficial as we grow older. Natural medicines can do wonders to our body and health.

Philadelphia Phillies to the World Series


The Author of this post is Freddy Savage

The Philadelphia Phillies are my favorite Major League baseball team. When I was 15 I moved with my parents to the Philadelphia area and we lived there for less than 2 years. During those two years I went from never watching professional baseball to become an avid fan.

When we lived there my father and I would go to some of the baseball games. Now that I am older and do not live near any stadiums my father and I still watch Major League Baseball together on direct tv packages premier.

I am so stoked that my beloved Phillies are still in the playoffs with a great chance to possible go to the World Series. If my Phillies go the World Series I will have to change my work schedule around so that I can I can see all the games.

The San Francisco Giants are looking real good, but if my Phillies can beat them then I will feel real confident in their ability to go all the way and win the World Series. The Phillies are unified as a team and there is not any bickering among teammates. They support each other and I feel this is more important than skill. If my Phillies keep working together then they can easily win the World Series. I will be watching and cheering the entire way.

Gamers Hall On The North Face Jackets


Looking for great quality outdoors jackets? Then check out The North Face jackets, they have jackets for kids, women, men, boys and girls. Even infants have something, the Kate Mack brand are elegant yet functional. They have a wide range of color availabilty and price brackets. Find nice deals under $50 and sort according to newsest, most popular, name brand, lowest price or highest price!

Many of the available jackets have their own product page displaying price, color availability, sizes and views from different angles to help you feel comfortable with your purchase. There's more, The North Face will also provide you important information on each jacket such as what it was designed for, what materials are used on what portion of the jacket and even how to wash them! All the information you need to help you decide on which jacket will fit your budget, your style and more importantly, your needs.

College Football and Other Life Musings


Guest post written by Joseph Gladney

After getting my new Miracle Ear hearing aid, I've started doing the things I love again, like watching my favorite sports on TV. I've got to say, I'm so glad it's college football season again. I don't have a favorite team, but I do have ones that I like to keep an eye on, like UNC-Chapel Hill, State and Penn State. The Tar Heels have been especially fun to watch this season, especially since they've gone through some difficulties but still seem to be prospering. I have a good feeling that they are going to have a good season anyway.

I actually caught this great special on Penn State's head coach: Joe Paterno, the other day. He's 83 years old this year and he still doing what he loves. You really have to respect that, especially since he could retire right now with quite the nest egg. Shows he must really love what he does!

It's actually pretty inspiring, especially for someone like me, since I just retired. At first I thought that I'd end up doing less of the things I love, but it turns out Mr. Paterno has it right, life is totally what you make it, and these years are going to be great.

World Cup Soccer Intensity


This was written by guest blogger Larry Rademacher

If you are asking me, World Cup soccer has all the excitement, drama, and intensity of a critical college or pro football game on a brisk all weekend in the United States. But this is different, here we are watching entire countries and crazy soccer fans get behind their team of choice and get them to win at all cost.

It's this intensity that will make me fire up the best satellite tv each and every day this month and try to live the World Cup. While I will be paying close attention to Team USA and the likes of Landon Donovan and Carlos Bocanegra, it's teams like Spain, Brazil, and France that are the favorites.

World Cup soccer fans are a different breed. Many have traveled to South Africa or the games, but millions of others will be gathered together to watch the action. While it is fun to watch the action on the field, watching the fans and hearing all the tales of what is going on off the field will be just as interesting.

I'm going to put Major League Baseball, college football recruiting, and pro football mini camps on hold for a month, and take in some intense World Cup soccer.

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