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Catching The Bad Guys!


Content by Donny Vinson

I love to watch America's Most Wanted, the criminals and felons one the worst of the worst. John Walsh is the best host they could have found, his own horrific tragedy give the show credability.
The crimes they highlight are the worst in the country, sometimes even the world. The show has had much succes over the years, for catching the bad guys!

The stories range in crimes from rape, to murders, and of course terrorism. The stories are very grusome but do to the fact they are real, it gives you a sense of what the world is truely about.

When I sit down and turn on my satellite TV from BestChoiceTV.com, I always scan all the channels to see if Americas most wanted is on.

I usually watch while eating my dinner, even though the show is really graffic, it doesn't bother me to eat and watch.

There have been a few stories that really bothered me. Those usually involve children animals or elderly. This is a great show and if everyone watched, they would catch a lot more bad guys.


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