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Dealing the cards


Guest post written by Henry Tilley

If there's one thing that a card dealer needs to be is a good listener. I've been a dealer in a big Las Vegas casino for a few years now and enjoy it pretty well. The work hours are really flexible because people will gamble all day every day in this city if they can, so the job has its perks. Plus, even though you're not really supposed to make conversation with the people playing cards it's fun to listen to their conversations and hear about where they're from when they talk to the other players about it.

But lately I've really been struggling to hear what people are saying. Luckily I hadn't accidentally dealt anyone more cards or anything when they didn't want it but I was worried that was going happen soon so I looked up some stuff on miracle ear cost a couple of weeks ago. I had thought about it long and hard and finally decided to go to miracle-ear and I'm really glad that I did.

I feel more confident in my job again and I can concentrate on doing a good job and being fair to everyone instead of worrying about mishearing the players.


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