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Getting Ready for Some Football!


Guest post written by Jan Landers

This upcoming Sunday is the Super Bowl and I can't tell you just how excited my husband and I are. We are big football nuts, and we've been following the two fortunate teams throughout the entire season. The Super Bowl is such an incredible spectacle that has pretty much become a national holiday, and my husband and I really treat it as such. We have already started to buy some decorations and items for our big Super Bowl party that we are hosting. After purchasing some new Miracle Ear hearing aids, we went to the store and started to buy a bunch of food for this Sunday. We know a few other couples who are our close friends, and we plan on having them over for a smaller Super Bowl celebration. We thought about holding a really large event, but decided that it would be a good moment to catch up with our few friends.
We are really looking forward to watching the big game and having the opportunity to entertain some of our long-term friends. We've always loved Super Bowl Sunday, and expect some great things to be in store.


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