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This is a guest post by Taylor Raylan

Managing my photos online has become so much easier with programs like Flickr. I used to take so many digital pictures on my camera and then I would upload them to my computer program that was connected to my camera. The only problem with these programs is that they do not go right to the internet so I would have a computer full of photos that I didn't know what to do with. Nobody ever saw these photos and this might be a little bit of bragging but I thought they were so good that I did not want to delete them. Using my hughes net internet I can connect to websites like Flickr and upload albums and albums of photos right there on the site. This makes it easier for me find a home for all of my photos and albums so they do not just crowd my personal photo albums with nobody to look at them. When I put my photos up on Flickr I can also organize them into an order and put them into separate albums by subject. I really like the features that Flickr has too where other people that I know can look at all of my photos and have their say about what they think about the photo just as if they were sitting right next to me talking.


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