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Fun at the Amusement Park


This is a guest post by Sandy McElroe

My husband and I buy season tickets to the local amusement park. We think this saves us a lot of money. We look forward to going to the park every week. Every Saturday we have the same routine. We get up, pack a picnic lunch, set our ADT Texas home alarm and drive to the park.

The first thing we do when we get to the park is walk around the whole park. It is such a beautiful relaxing place in the morning, before the crowds start coming in. My husband and I like to walk so many steps a day, so this helps us get our exercise in.

About midmorning , when the temperature starts rising, we head to the pool area. We love relaxing and sunning ourselves by the pool. This is why we always have great tans by the end of summer. After we relax for a while we start hitting the water slides. Even though my husband and I are not exactly young we still love the slides.

By the time were are done with the water slides we are starving, so we have our picnic lunch. After a little more fun at the pool we spend most of the evening riding rides and playing games. Our favorite rides are the old wooden roller coaster and the carousel. Even though we are not very good at it we love playing the ring toss game. We usually only are able to get the smallest prize. This is ok with us, because we still have fun just playing the game. Riding the rides and playing the games makes us feel young.

About an hour before the park closes we get homemade ice cream with fresh strawberries on it. I really think this my husband's favorite part of the day.


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