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Gamers Come All

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Avid gamers can spend so much time infront their computer gaming non-stop.  Time fliesby and they would hardly notice it given such concentration they have for the game.  Understandable enough that games can be truly addicting, moderation must be very well observed as well.  There are so many kind of games suited for all, people of different personality and interest can find what suits their taste best.  

Fun, upbeat and simple kiddie arcade games can be ideal for those who love to just pass time and relax.  Not much thinking and strategy involved in such games.  Truly it's for entertainment purpose, no serious deals.  There are mind games for those who love serious mind challenges and has all the patience in the world to think, think and think the whole time they are playing.  

While others might enjoy such games, sports enthusiasts can indulge with almost all kind of sports games and no need to be outdoors to do so.  War games, shooting and strategy are always a hit for people who love much action though things can be pretty much violent and gore in such games.

Many people find such enjoyment, satisfaction and relaxation in gaming. Here in Gamers Hall, avid gamers out there are welcome to share stories, ideas and video clips of your favorite games.  Open invitations to all who want to contribute their gaming passion to this blog, it is now your chance to show the online community about what gaming is all about. 

Burnout Paradise

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The crash scenes and physics of this game make it worth while playing! High speeds and hot cars, whats not to like?! I remember playing a demo version and it absolutely blew my mind away.



Thanks to Lemuel Craft

I can’t believe that the Oscars are already coming on next weekend. I have already invited some of my friends over to watch them on my HD clear tv. Of course, our intention is not actually to watch the award part per se, but the party is getting started early ( four o’clock) when the E! News Red Carpet gets started. I have asked everyone to wear their “Oscar Best”. Not necessarily a gown, but at least a semi- formal or cocktail dress. I can’t wait until we all get together and check out the outfits. My favorite on all the red carpets is a tie between Angelina Jolie and Charlize Therone. They are both so beautiful and always look fabulous. They could be wearing potato sacks and still probably look better than anyone else that is walking the carpet. To the Screen Actor’s Guild awards, they both wore really beautiful and really unusual dresses. I especially liked Charlize’s. I can’t wait to see what the trends are. I am voting for the “Help” across the board. It is one of the best movies that I have ever seen!

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