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The Champion Pittsburgh Penguins


Content by Mauricio Benson

Come on folks, who couldn't like Sid “The Kid” Crosby? We Pittsburghers like our Penguins NHL hockey team so much that we finally built a new arena for them. Pittsburgh was known as “The City of Champions” just a few years back. Though the Pirates may be a ways off from winning another World Series, we can count on our Steelers and Penguins to win Super Bowl and Stanley Cup championships. This is an old steel producing town that likes to see its work ethic carried over into our pro sports teams.

If it wasn't for Mario Lemieux, we might not even still have a pro hockey team. Mario not only played for the Penguins, he bought the franchise. We are so happy that he kept them in Pittsburgh. We get attached to our teams and the players. We identify with effort and the professionalism needed to be a professional athlete so we hold our players to a higher standard than most cities. You want to play in Pittsburgh? Well then, you had better act like we do. Just like we aren't tolerant of slackers in the workforce, we aren't the least bit tolerant of lackadaisical performance on the field or ice.

From the minimum wage earners to the doctors and engineers, we find a way to watch or listen to our Penguins play. We support our teams by buying tickets so much that the games are always sold out. Season tickets have long waiting lists. That's why I like watching hockey in High Definition on my satellite tv packages.


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