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Weekend Softball Heroes, Ruining Adult Leagues for the Rest of Us!


Content by Mauricio Benson

Even before I catch sight of those athletic socks and uncomfortably tight “official” softball shorts, I know he's there. No matter which team I'm set to play in my weekly Saturday game, “Overly Intense/ Competitive Softball Guy (or Girl)” will be on the field proving just what kind of weekend adult co-ed slow-pitch league super star he can be. Each weekend, when I set my home security alarm (New York ALARM SYSTEMS pricing), carrying my old baseball bag to the car, his voice fills my head - the incessant arguing over pitch height, the deep, inhuman beer-gut belches. In the many adult softball leagues - corporate and recreational - I've played in, my opposition has always featured some form of this aggressive fellow, who apparently has been tasked by the sports gods to make the rest of us further regret being up at 9 a.m. on a Saturday. In spite of these weekend sports “heroes", Softball continues to provide a great way for me to compete with friends, while recapturing the fun I once enjoyed playing baseball in high school, minus the fear of letting my team down in defeat. Therefore, each Saturday I step out on the diamond and ignore his complaints over missed calls or the way he takes a “strategic” walk, focusing instead on the unbridled feeling of joy that will surge through me when we win.


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