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Your Fantasy Football League Online


Guest post written by my buddy Franklin Davenport

These days you are in the minority if you haven't been caught up in the fastasy football craze using hughes net satellite internet. Fantasy football is now mainstream and many leagues are managed completely online. Usine your hughes internet service to go online, you can create your league, invite people to join your league, draft your team, and then manage it throughout the season.

This season again you have many choices where you are park your league. CBS Sportsline, ESPN, Yahoo, and many other all have the online software to host your league. You can form a league with usually as few as 6 teams, but my experience is "the more the merrier" and I like to see leagues with 12 or 16 teams compete via hughes net internet in California.

Recruit you friends, relatives or even just random people to joing the fun. Whoever is hosting your league will have an online draft where you pick your initial team. Changes can be made throughout the season as you add and cut players. Set your lineups each week and enjoy the action on Sunday and Monday night.

Fantasy football should be fun, but there is work involved. Without the ability to run leagues online, fantasy football wouldn't be as popular as it is today.


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