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Gamers Hall On Surviving Mesothelioma


Anyone who happens to suffer from Mesothelioma Cancer or if you know a loved one that suffers from this, there is a site dedicated to those fighting to survive Mesothelioma. The subtitle literally reads as "Surviving Mesothelioma: A Patient's Guide".  It has testimonials, facts and news all related to that specific cancer. The facts include statistics which graph out the overall incidence according to the number of cases, race, gender. Survival rates are also exposed.

What I find the most helpful from the site is a nice section which gives out suggestions on the type of questions you may want to consider asking while you discuss treatment options with your doctor. Why is this helpful? For reassurance, confidence, and to exactly what you are getting into. It is a life and death scenario questions must be asked to be well informed and prepared for what experiences you may encounter while undergoing treatment.


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