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Nascar Race


Contribution by Saul Martin

Nascar racing is one of the most exciting sport to watch. We usually have a little get together on every race day. We go to a friend's house and watch the race on direct tv in South Carolina. We have been watching the Nascar Sprint Cup Race for the Chase since it started. This series has been very competitive. There are only a couple of races left, so the pressure is on. The next races are going to be pretty interesting because the point standings are running really close. My favorite Nascar race car driver is Jimmie Johnson. I really enjoy watching him drive and he has a great personality. Mark Martin started calling him Superman. Right now he is in 9th place, so he really has to race his best the next two races. There are several drivers that still have the chance of making the top ten and going on to the final race. I am still going to be cheering for Jimmie Johnson. I think he is one of the best race car drivers in Nascar history. He has won many races and was named best race car driver of the decade in 2000. In 2009 he was the only driver that has ever won four Sprint Cup championships in a row. I think he can win the final race, he has worked hard and deserves it.


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