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Taking a Day Trip


Guest post of the week by Moises Henderson

The dog days of summer can take its toll on all of us if we do not take some time to enjoy the things summer has to offer. The best way to enjoy the summer and have some time with family is to take day trips those- short one-day vacations the weekends bring.

It begins on Monday planning where to go for the weekend, hoping the weather cooperates and by Friday the plans are in place and you are ready for Saturday morning when the fun begins. The last thing to do before taking off is to set the home alarm system before leaving the house. We recently got a home security camera in Missouri so that we can monitor our house while we are gone.

Pulling out of the driveway the family is excited about where you are taking them. Of course you want it to be a surprise so you are quiet till after a while they figure it out. You are taking them white water rafting on the river, and they have a blast. The drive to the river takes a couple of hours and the day on the water excites and exhausts the family. By evening they are ready for a good meal and the drive home. Along the way you stop at one of the family's favorite restaurants. The end of a perfect day.


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