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Sports on Demand


Guest post of the week by Darrin Avery

When dish tv first notified me of the Free on Demand service, I have to admit, I really didn't think much of it. I'd already set most of my favorite TV programs to use the DVR recording function and I don't really watch too many things outside of them. Then it happened - I had forgotten to record the basketball game.

Since I work and live on the west coast, when my team plays over on the east coast (where the games start based on that time zone) I end up having to record the game, avoid all sports websites, radio and the like in order to enjoy the game. My co-worker does the same and we typically enjoy the games together while having a few beers. That night I was disappointed that I had forgotten to record the game when my co-worker remembered the broadcasters mentioning that their games were available Free on Demand and suggested checking for it. I was so glad I did. Since then, knowing the game is going to be available there has put my mind at ease. I don't have to worry about whether to check to see if I recorded the game during my lunch break or whether the national channel will be blacked out and the game will be shown on a local channel instead.


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