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Watching the Playoffs


This guest post from Arlene Guthrie

I may not watch every baseball game during the season, but when the playoffs arrive, I never miss a pitch. I watch Major League Baseball in satellite TV from tvbydirect.com, especially because of the high definition broadcasts, which make sports even more amazing.

This year the playoffs have started off with several surprising teams and surprising wins. Although some people think they can pencil the Yankees in as pennant winners at the beginning of each season, this year, that probably won't be the case. The Yankees are still in the hunt, but they may not be the favorites this year.

The Boston Red Sox did not even make the post season, but the team to watch may just be the Texas Rangers, who have played extremely well behind great pitching. That's probably the Achilles heel of the New York Yankees, in an environment where they have no salary cap. It would seem they could bring in all of the top pitchers, but the Yankees are proving once again that simply spending money is not a guarantee of winning. Their pitching staff has worked so far, but it seems like they are constantly having to manage their bullpen and starters more than fans expected.

Of course, it is the post season, and many surprising things can happen. The Yankees might suddenly look great, and it's not the same as managing the pitching rotation in the regular season.


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