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Friday Night Hometown Football Games


Written by my friend Roosevelt Spence

When fall comes around, there are a lot of activities we like to do together as a family. One of our most enjoyable is going to our hometown high school football games. These games are usually held on Friday nights and an occasional Saturday. If the game happens to be away that week, sometimes we make it and sometimes we don't, it just depends on how far away it is.

We usually go with our immediate family, but most nights grandparents or aunts and uncles show up. By getting there early, we can set out blankets to save seats. That way, no one has to rush getting there and they have a seat saved for them when they arrive. Friday nights tend to get a little cold here where we live so it is not unusual to come into a game with a ton of blankets. So, if family members do not show up for the games, we then have enough blankets to cover up with in the event that it is cold!

On the Friday nights when we don't go to the games, we spend an enjoyable evening home watching satellite tv from ExpertSatellite. Maybe friends will come over and spend the evening with us. When this happens, everyone just brings snacks or drinks to share with each other.


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