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College Football and Other Life Musings


Guest post written by Joseph Gladney

After getting my new Miracle Ear hearing aid, I've started doing the things I love again, like watching my favorite sports on TV. I've got to say, I'm so glad it's college football season again. I don't have a favorite team, but I do have ones that I like to keep an eye on, like UNC-Chapel Hill, State and Penn State. The Tar Heels have been especially fun to watch this season, especially since they've gone through some difficulties but still seem to be prospering. I have a good feeling that they are going to have a good season anyway.

I actually caught this great special on Penn State's head coach: Joe Paterno, the other day. He's 83 years old this year and he still doing what he loves. You really have to respect that, especially since he could retire right now with quite the nest egg. Shows he must really love what he does!

It's actually pretty inspiring, especially for someone like me, since I just retired. At first I thought that I'd end up doing less of the things I love, but it turns out Mr. Paterno has it right, life is totally what you make it, and these years are going to be great.


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