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Family Television Night: The Office


Thanks for the post from Stan Atkins

It is funny how The Office can be watched by people of all ages. My kids have no idea how the corporate world works, yet they love this program! My family tries to bond around the television every week when "The Office" features a new episode. "The Office" is one of the most hilarious on programs that always features new twists and turns in its plot.

My family loves watching this program on DirectTv. We love keeping up with the plot that is always going on between all of the characters on the show. For example, the romantic relationship of Jim and Pam had my family guessing for ages. My kids were basically counting down the episodes until Jim finally proposed to Pam! Now, my kids seem to be caught up in all of the relationships amongst all of the characters. For example, they even care about what goes on between Dwight and Angela. These dynamic characters have become characters that are well known and beloved by my family. Without these characters, I can honestly say there would be less laughter in our home! These characters bring joy and excitement to our family on a daily basis.

Watching "The Office" is a great hobby for families with a desire for smart humor. This show is not dumbed down for kids, yet kids can easily get in on it and understand it.


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