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An engagement ring can be noted as a symbol of love.  A love which is bound to last, to be tied with loyalty and devotion.  Engagement rings differ however in cultures, some use gemstones, matching rings and the best known of all is diamond.  Some women prefer to use their engagement ring as their wedding band but others prefer to wear it together with the wedding band.

Rings are meaningful accessories, it has more depth and value than any other accessory.  Say for an instance wedding rings, such rings are symbol for being united as one with your special someone.  Wearing the ring on your finger can visually speak for your status whether you're married or not.  It has been a practice for centuries already for couples to wear rings even before being married in forms of pre-engagement and engagement rings.  However these rings are called it doesn't really matter, what matters most is the true value and meaning of that tiny little ring on your finger.


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