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Speed Is All The Action You Need


Guest post from: Natalie Walter

I have always been a fan of action movies. I don't hesitate to make it to the theater when a new action flick is released. Some movies are great, some are average, and some make you wish that you never left your home. The great ones always stand out in my mind, and Speed - in my opinion - is the best action movie every made.

It starred Sandra Bullock in the early stages of her career, and she was really a cutie at this point. It was so easy to watch anything that she appeared in. I watch Speed on my satellite television from ExpertSatellite.com every time that it comes on. It's just that good. I think the thing that really impresses me about the film in the constant action. There isn't a dull moment.

It's also unpredictable. You never know what will happen next. Of course I know everything that will happen because I have seen it so many times. This works to my advantage. I love to watch the movie with a young niece or nephew that has no idea that this movie exists. They are hooked a couple of minutes after I pull them into it. They become so engrossed in all of the action. I just love to see their facial expressions when something unexpected happens. It's a true http://blog.moviefone.com/2010/08/02/asian-beat-ip-man-2-and-classic-action/ classic action movie.


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