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Favorite Superhero


Guest post by Jewel Cole

No matter how many years go by, generation after generation love Superman. No matter what, he can always save the day. He has always been and always will be my favorite superhero. Superman is a normal person with the name of Clark Kent. When he is needed he comes to the rescue when he transforms into Superman.

Superman is "faster than a speeding bullet." Not only is he quick on his feet, but he wears a cape and he can fly! He is also "more powerful than a locomotive." He has so much power that he has been known to lift cars, building and anything needed to save the day.

Superman also has vision powers and he can see x-ray, infrared and even telescope. He has super hearing and super breath allowing him to blow freezing temperatures from his mouth. Superman stories are great to read in comic books. My favorite way to watch my favorite superhero is on TVByDirect.

Superheros are so intriguing because they can not only do the things we could never do, but they also make those things look easy. Every person should have a favorite superhero and let their imagination run wild!


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