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For Something Different Watch SYFY


Posting by Robert Kelachin

One of the strangest shows on television has to be the Dr. Who show. Nothing g he does makes sense, there is no hidden message, nothing but campy acting and pure fun. The show usually starts with the TARDIS landing somewhere, either on Earth in some time period unknown or on a planet or even space ship in space. Rarely is the Doctor sure of just where or when he is, and he has a bad habit of picking up strays to be his companions.

Another favorite is Star Gate Universe. I have watched as many of the original Star Gate series as I could before we were able to get direct tv Texas. Broadcast rarely carries all the shows I like and getting cable is some areas is almost impossible.

The Syfy channel gives a wide range of entertainment in a wide range of shows. Are you a dino nut? Watch Primeval. The show that has modern day people tracking down dino's that have entered the world through time warps and trying to save to future from certain ruin.

Is monster's and myths more to your liking? Then you want to watch Sanctuary. A show about the hidden world of monsters that live among us, the abnormals.

Space opera more to your liking? Then try Caprica or Battlestar Galactica. One thing I can promise, when you watch the SYFY channel you will not be getting the same old some old, but some new and fun to watch.


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