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Central Pensylvania Fairs


This guest post from Alden Strong

I live in Central Pennsylvania, and there are many county fairs I can go to. Some counties run more than one fair a year, but regardless of which county fair I decide to visit, my reasons are going are always the same.

When I was younger, I used to go to get a cheap thrill out of riding the carnival rides. As I got older, I preferred to go see the vendors and have a chance of eating foods that I cannot get anywhere else. Sure, some of the foods are cheap fare, but some are deliciously bad for me concoctions that are a pleasure to the taste buds. Deep fried potatoes, deep fried Twinkies, and deep fried Oreos are some of the things I can find while going between the vendors.

I can also find arts and crafts vendors that sell a number of items with local flare. I can even find people selling knives and swords if I am so inclined to pick them up. I am neither a hunter nor a serious weapons collector, so I do not need to pick up any of these items.

While I am out at enjoying the atmosphere of the summer months, I do not want to worry about my tv from bestchoicetv.com I am away. I make sure I set my home security alarm before heading out the door.


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