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Gamers Hall On CCNA


Life these days is tough, people who used to work full hours get less, those who are looking for jobs can't get any and worse for those who have been working all their life and got laid off.  It's still unsure up to when this situation will last and it's hard to tell when things will pick up back on track.  Many people are trying to work on having new credentials with extended schooling.  This is another way of trying to land to a job which is not their usual forte.

It's not a waste of time trying to learn something else rather than just sitting and waiting, doing nothing practically while unemployed.  Try looking at CCNA, it's a free community which offers CCNA training & certification.  This can give light to your work career after being a certified professional who can install, configure and operate networking systems.  Come check out the CCNA boot camp and make a difference in your life!

Priya Verma said...
4/07/2014 7:00 AM  

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Anonymous said...
10/05/2016 4:44 AM  

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