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Thanks for the post, Jennifer Mcconnell

As the biggest NASCAR fans in the world, getting to go see our first race was the most exciting thing ever! My husband and I planned a perfect weekend to go along with our trip to the NASCAR race, complete with dinner and other activities.

Since our trip would be a total of 4 days, we were sure to turn our home security alarm from http://www.inhomesecurity.net on before we hit the road. I feel so much more secure knowing that my home and things in it will be protected. We also instilled our neighbors of more than 10 years to keep an eye on things so nothing would ruin our trip!

The race was awesome! We ended up running into some friends while there-imagine that-such a small world after all. We all enjoyed the race together, and none of us were able to speak for a week from all of the yelling we did. Hopefully we will be able to attend another NASCAR race very soon. I've never had so much fun in my entire life. it has increased our love for races even more.


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