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World Cup Soccer Intensity


This was written by guest blogger Larry Rademacher

If you are asking me, World Cup soccer has all the excitement, drama, and intensity of a critical college or pro football game on a brisk all weekend in the United States. But this is different, here we are watching entire countries and crazy soccer fans get behind their team of choice and get them to win at all cost.

It's this intensity that will make me fire up the best satellite tv each and every day this month and try to live the World Cup. While I will be paying close attention to Team USA and the likes of Landon Donovan and Carlos Bocanegra, it's teams like Spain, Brazil, and France that are the favorites.

World Cup soccer fans are a different breed. Many have traveled to South Africa or the games, but millions of others will be gathered together to watch the action. While it is fun to watch the action on the field, watching the fans and hearing all the tales of what is going on off the field will be just as interesting.

I'm going to put Major League Baseball, college football recruiting, and pro football mini camps on hold for a month, and take in some intense World Cup soccer.


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