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ESPN is my favorite channel. I do not know when this happened. In college I was fascinated with the news and flipped back between CSPAN and the CNN channels for hours. I not only watched the news, I absorbed it. Now my tv is perpetually set to a low volume and broadcasts sports all day. Basketball, rodeos, strong man competitions, soccer, college football and of course, all the day’s sporting news. It does not really matter what is on. I am not even sure I watch it. I barely pay attention unless the crowd starts booing or screaming and then I will look up from the computer or my book. But when I don’t hear the peppy hum of ESPN sports, I feel really lost. How did this happen to me?

I spend my days at work researching modern art and I still read the news online. Maybe this opened up a void in my life. I have always liked sports but never followed them religiously. Maybe ESPN is a symbol of my lost youth or some bottled up testosterone I harbor. My satellite tv seriously does not need the 1000 channels anymore. I do not think I have changed it from ESPN for several months now, besides when I tune to my direct tv nfl Sunday ticket channels to watch some football. When I come home, I turn on the TV after a long day of complaining gallery owners. I make some food and let the soothing sounds of some far away competitive sport lull me into a copasetic stupor. I love ESPN. Maybe I need a hobby or a pet.

Thanks to Rodney Jones for the guest post


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