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My Adult Baseball League


Author: Elias Massey

It's not every day I get to share my sports life with people, so I thought this would be the perfect time to talk about the recent baseball team I joined. In fact, I was so excited to get to practice last weekend that I almost left without my gear. After heading back into the house, I grabbed my bat and helmet, set the InHomeSecurity home security alarm and headed out to practice.

Playing on this team is great; not only does it relieve stress after work, but a few of my friends from childhood actually play on the team with me. The local adult league is made up of ten teams, all of which are trying to get to the playoffs. Only two teams from each division are able to advance past the regular season; of course, my team has never had a winning season.

Next year, my team is supposed to get a few new sponsors, which will provide us with better gear and uniforms. Without them, we may have had to either pay for it ourselves or abandon the team. Even if the team had disbanded, I would have joined another team elsewhere; I just couldn't go one year without playing baseball.


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