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Last Super Bowl


Guest post written by Wyatt Reeves

Going to the Super Bowl was a huge dream of mine ever since I watched it for the first time with my dad and uncles decades ago. Until 2010 it was always impossible for me to go to it though because of my crazy work schedule. So I thought there was on better way to ring in retirement than to actually go do the game this year. And that's exactly what I did!

I bought the tickets a long time before that and booked the hotel as soon as I found out the city it was going to happen in. My brother went with me and it was great because we live far apart and don't get to spend that much time together because of it. We were even mroe excited because we grew up listening to The Who and they were playing the half-time concert. But I wanted to make sure that I could get the most out of the game so I got some hearing aids in chicago a few months before it so I could get used to it. In one of our chats discussing the plans, I told my brother about it and he went out and bought some hearing aids in phoenix too. Then on a routine phone call with our sister he told her about all of the plans and what not and she went to miracle ear in washington.

I think that was a little weird, but I think we got an even better experience out of the Super Bowl and The Who. Not many people now can say that they've seen either one of those in real life, much less both!


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