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Derrick Favors Will Lead Nets to Playoffs


The article written by Alonso Kramer

The New Jersey Nets are a basketball team I have enjoyed watching for a few years. They usually are not that great of a team but I was able to watch preseason NBA basketball on satellite TV from www.direct.tv and they looked pretty strong.

I do not think they will get a championship this year but if they keep playing strong basketball like they did during the preseason then they will easily get into the playoffs.

The New Jersey Nets have a lot of underutilized talent on their team. Players such as Jordan Farmar, Quinton Ross, and even Joe Smith are all very talented players that have the fundamental skills necessary to win big. If these players can learn to play better ball with each other then they will be one of the more dominant teams in the NBA.

Derrick Favors is in my opinion the best player for New Jersey. He is very consistent in scoring and you can always rely on him to put up some nice stats. He is a rookie player out of Georgia Tech but he played awesome during the preseason and put up some nice stats so far in the regular season. I am predicting that Derrick Favors will eventually be in the Basketball Hall of Fame. He is a great player and could help propel the Nets into the playoffs.


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