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Ranger's Life


Guest post written by Jeramy Sparks

There are few things I enjoy more than nature, so it was only natural (no pun intended) that I become a park ranger when I got my first job. I loved being out in the field all day and even the boring assignments like posting up and watching for forest fires were enjoyable as I got to be outside. I now spend most of my days out here driving around the huge national park, making sure the animals are doing well and none of the visitors have littered or camped in illegal or dangerous areas. I was recently given some information about wireless internet and quickly signed up – I’ve needed a way to stay connected to my wife when I’m out here all day. She’s expecting our first child and unfortunately I get limited cell service out here. It’s also been useful for looking up different things about the flora and fauna, and I’ve even started a park blog that our loyal visitors read! They now know when and where the herds are migrating and the best spots for waterfall viewing!


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