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Baseball Memorabilia


This is a guest post by Torri Swims

I wanted to purchase a very special gift for my older brother who is finishing up an MBA and will be going to work at a major corporation in a few weeks. I decided I wanted to get him something that he would love for years to come. So while everyone else is planning on sending him graduation related gifts and money, I decided on a baseball jersey autographed by one of his favorite players. He has always loved the Atlanta Braves and Chipper Jones so I searched the web using my hughes net satellite internet. I ended up finding a great site for collectible sports memorabilia. Sportsmemorabilia.com had nearly endless options of teams, sports and items for sale. I knew that I could easily find a Chipper Jones jersey. I did a quick search of the site and found a few different options.

Not only did they have jerseys, but they had pictures, baseballs and other merchandise as well. All of these items were priced below listed value prices, so I felt as if I was getting a good deal. Shipping on all items over $50 was around $5, so I didn’t have to spend a ton of money getting it safely delivered. I picked standard shipping since there was no rush in getting it here. I was pleased with all the options available and how easy it was to secure the item. I had no clue what I was really looking for and this site made it simple and easy to navigate.


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