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Don't always believe the reviews


Guest post written by Ross Holloway

After trusting so many reviews about movies or books being terrible or wonderful and thinking the opposite of the person that wrote the review, I"ve just stopped trusting any of them. There are evern certain magazines or web sites that if I see their writers say that something is bad, that will give me even more of a reason to go out and read or watch it. That's how I came across the writer Christopher Moore, because I read some review about it being bad that he didn't take such supernatural stuff seriously and made it to be all funny. I thought that was teh most ridiculous reason to give something a bad review, so I went and bought almost every book that I could find that he wrote.

Now I keep up with the author on a regular basis and love to read his blog all the time. I even have it on my Google reader. When I was doing that a short while back, I saw something about a DIRECT TV internet bundle and decided to sign up for one for my internet service.

Now it's really hard to find a Christopher Moore book review that isn't positive.


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