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Cutting back during the holidays


Guest post written by Rosie Peters

We just bought a new house, so this year we're trying not to spend as much money as we normally do in the holidays. My husband says I like to go overboard for Christmas and he's kind of right, so it's going to take some real creativity to not spend as much as we normally do.

I'm sure that it's going to be really tempting to keep spending as much as we normally do, but I'm trying to make it into fun by finding all kinds of DIY things to do instead of buying them. I was online a few nights ago looking up DIY gift ideas when I saw the site http://clearwirelessinternet.com and showed it to my husband. I think that we're going to change our internet service to it, especially since we're being more budget conscious right now.

Now, I have gotten a bad DIY holiday gift here or there, so I'm trying to really give things that I would want. No badly crocheted oven mitts from me! You canÕt go wrong with something good to eat, so I think that IÕm going to fix some cookie and hot chocolate mixes to put in jars and give to people, while saving some for us!


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