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Favorite Infomercial on TV


Guest post written by Jeramy Sparks

There are literally thousands of infomercials on the television that are viewed by millions everyday. Many of these infomercials are actually very entertaining. The host have bubbly personalities that easily get your attention. Infomercials sell everything from household to auto supplies. Many popular celebs are also popping up on infomercials selling beauty products to household products. We've all probably seen the infomercial with Jessica Simpson on selling an acne product. It was last year when one infomercial really caught my attention. Where did I see this infomercial? Well, I saw my now favorite infomercial on direc tv one night. It was around the holiday season and I was wondering what to buy a relative who doesn't seem to like any of the presents that I've bought him in the past. After watching the infomercial for the Slanket, I was sure that he would love this as a surprise holiday gift. It would surely be unexpected and out of the ordinary. After all, who wouldn't love to own the Slanket, a blanket with sleeves. The product gives you the freedom to move around while keeping warm. Needless, to say, Mr Difficult, actually loved the Slanket.


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