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LightHouse Legal Finance


Going through the process of filing a case and attending court sessions take so much time and effort and anybody would rather be out of it as quick as possible.  There are cases which require numerous sessions until the verdict is finalized, some even take years and there's no clarity if the case will win or not.  Who really loses on this time consuming procedures, it's you who just wants justice and be compensated for whatever damages incurred.  Imagine all the time off you have to do at work making you less productive and inefficient.  This in the long run can affect your daily routine most likely your work routine in which you badly need to do to keep a steady income.

Lawsuits can be so time consuming therefore you also lose money as you drag yourself through the process.  What happens if you need an immediate cash or be compensated right away?  The court cannot give you what you need in an instant, in fact there's no guarantee with whatever you're really going to get unless you're very sure you have the case in your hands.  LightHouse Legal Finance can help you with work on your case without having to rush it by providing the funding you need as you go through.  They offer lawsuit cash advance, presettlement funding or lawsuit loans settlement to those who need immediate funding. Lawsuit funding approval can take about 24 to 48 hours after submitting your application.  Now you can have a fight without having to worry about your funds for your case. 


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