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The Vacation Home


I love the idea of owning a vacation home and last year my husband and I decided to find out more about buying a place in the mountains. I’m so excited that we found the right place and I can’t wait until I get to get in there and replace all the furniture and make it just right! It’s going to be just in time, too, since my family’s so excited they want us all to spend Thanksgiving there and that’s not as far away as it may seem. I went ahead and found out about satellite internet in arkansas so the place wouldn’t be so cut off and my husband’s in charge of getting a new heating system installed since the one that’s there is pretty ancient. I’ve already had a lot of fun though pouring over cabin style furniture catalogs and planning out the way we’re going to redo the deck so it will get the best mountain views. I think if I play my cards right I can even negotiate for a hot tub!

Guest post from: Jerald Hammond

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