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Sometimes make up can not do all the trick when it comes to having a fuller and lush lashes.  Eyelash extensions can be a better option for those wanting to have more flaps for their eyes but this is not a permanent solution.  Using a mascara can further volumize the lashes and give a fuller effect but as we all know this is exclusively for women's use.  There's no discrimination when it comes to make up use but it's a lot more acceptable for the ladies using such things.

Lashes are not just fashion fads for our eyes, it performs great value of protection for our precious vision.  Men and women who are suffering from very short and sparse number of eyelashes can seek help from plastic surgeons and dermatologist for a Latisse treatment.  Latisse is a special formulation for eyelashes to become fuller, lengthen and get thicker.  A prescription is needed to obtain this medicine, it can't be accessed over the counter without any prescription.  Both genders can definitely make use of this treatment regardless of their sexual orientation.  We all need our lashes for our eye protection and through Latisse, it is not too far to achieve such reality.

Home Remedies said...
8/30/2011 3:25 AM  

So does this means eye lashes was not only intended for attraction but also for our visions protection..
Well, well, well
Glad to hear that!!

Best regards,
Home Remedies..

JIF Hub said...
8/30/2011 3:56 PM  

Yes indeed, home remedies! Just like how it protects our eyes from dusts. Thanks for the visit.

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