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Webimax Stands Out


Webimax is a company who offers search engine optimization, marketing, web design, social media services, reputation management and analytics for site owners looking to bring out the true potential of their sites. They offer weekly communication, monthly reporting and reviews to run each campaign they undertake efficiently. They have a strong team behind them whom are SEO experts within the industry and strive to make things better for their clients. They have a 4 phase SEO process focusing on analysis, strategy development, implementation and management which allows them to satisfy the client's customized needs.

A key service I find very useful from Webimax is the on-site optimization treatment to every website they tackle. This means a lot of great and important changes can be implemented on your site to make it more SEO friendly. The process includes several tasks such as to optimize no-follow links, optimize javascript, optimize alt tags, optimize css, optimize header tags, optimize flash, improving site architecture, improve code structure, page speed analysis, add descriptive title tags to links, add canonical link tags and so much more! There is so much hat can be done to any site to improve search engine optimization and to really make it be all that it can be in the web.


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