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Don't Play If You Can't Take It

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Online games have very interactive messaging system and for newbies, this can be quite shocking.  Not just in terms of keeping up with the typing and playing at the same time but most that I heard, the absurd and foul languages used while gaming.  Oh yeah, expressionism! One person I know simply said it like:  "they say it, so do I".  Another guy asked also what about those acronyms and abbreviations, do you understand it at all?  What else can I say, in time you will but of course I myself get lost too.  I would just ask a friend for the meaning of google it up so won't feel stupid not understanding those multi letters abbreviations everybody else is using.  Do translation companies cover such?  Maybe not!

It will take a while for new online players most especially for games like League of Legends and the likes, to know and fully understand and get along with the course.  A good advice would be just ignoring whatever conversation or attacks you get from others, nothing personal, just part of their game play.  If you focus enough on your play, this annoying thread of conversation won't even bother you at all.  You may try as much to cope up but if it really comes a time that you can take no more, then quit it.  Don't play it if you can't take it.  Online isn't the only way to keep at it, you may enjoy it offline on your own comfort and mode.  But if ever you really wish to just go, then do so!


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