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Public Announcement: Cockburn Legal


Tough times made so many people fall into the pit of debt.  Some people has to survive while others continue to indulge on luxurious treats they can't afford anymore.  Not all who fell into debt walked the same path, most people wants their way out but has no means to climb from such sink hole.

There's no easy way of getting rid o such debt when you're way deep into it.  It can cost you years to pay it off, how long however depends on how much you owe and how much you can pay back.  Some people has to endure legal settlements and court hearings just to have their debts settled.  If ever there's a need to get legal help and assistance in order to facilitate the settlement process, Shelia Cockburn of The Law Office of Cockburn & Associate, LLP is the person you want to get.

Ms. Shelia Cockburn has over eight years of legal experience in debt collections, business transactions and intellectual property.  She earned her degree at Fordham University for her Masters in law, and is licensed to practice law both in United States and Canada.  She isn't just your ordinary Lawyer but a specialized one when it comes to debt practices.  Her affiliation as a member of the International Association of professional Debt Arbitrators and being a Certified Debt Specialist puts her on the higher mark when it comes to her practice.

Having a debt dilemma settled is not that easy to achieve but with the right help it will be obtainable.  Given the right advice, aid and assistance can make things easier for the debtor to have that peace of mind that he or she once have being debt free. 


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