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Southern New Hampshire University


A very interesting article from the Southern New Hampshire University and published on SNHU.EDU has been giving many people something to think about! Titled "The Billionaire College Dropout", the article states that for every billionaire college dropout in the world, there is an educated team behind them to keep the business running, and well, to keep those college dropouts as billionaires.

Below is an infographic from SNHU that shows exactly what the article is talking about. Reading it, really makes you think. Though we should shoot for the stars and our dreams (I am a strong believer in that), but there is a balance to keep between reality and dreams. Otherwise if we purely only had big dreams without the ability to drive those dreams into reality, then we are merely dreamers frozen in time. Either you get lucky (or know the right people) to back you up with your dreams, or you learn how to drive your dreams!


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