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Planning out our Thanksgiving desserts


Guest post written by Aimee Gregory

Now I'm not what you would call a great cook, but I'm really trying to learn how to get better at a few dishes so I can work my way up from there. I'm by no means ready to start handling Thanksgiving. I'll leave that to other family members for the time being. But this year I am bringing all of the desserts.

I love that most desserts are actually much easier to fix than main dishes. It's nice how it's that way and I can still cook dessert despite my limited skills in the kitchen! I used my wireless internet Delray Beach to look up all types of yummy sounding recipes for Thanksgiving and have bookmarked way more than I can actually or need to fix.

But it never hurts to be over prepared. So I'm planning on narrowing down everything next week before I have to fix dessert. So far I have a pumpkin pie, a chocolate chess pie, a lemon pound cake and a chocolate cake bookmarked. It's so hard to narrow down which few dishes I will fix!


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