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New umbrella for my husband


Guest post written by Ana Evans

My husband is kind of cheap. He does so much research on anything that he buys that it's a little ridiculous. I joke that by the time he's done doing research about something, he no longer needs it! He also just uses things until they practically fall apart. The latest thing that that's happened to is his big golf umbrella.

He absolutely loves that huge umbrella and it has lasted him a long time, since he was in college, but I told him that I'm just going to buy him another one. While I was online looking for another umbrella that's as nice as that original one, I came across some http://www.get.wildblue.com/ that sounded really great. After I looked through them a little bit, I decided to sign up for one of them for our home satellite internet service.

I did pick out the perfect mens umbrella for him. I tried to talk him into one that had a plaid design on the inside of it because I thought it looked really cool. But he didn't want that so I just bought him a plain black one instead.


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